Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Szasz Andrei


Wow, everything just perfect, i really really impressed with a models. Nice work man.

Good luck.


added some more details and added Patt in the scene :smiley:


wow, nice composition. are the clouds cg? or image? have been trying to find a good tutorial on 3d clouds


I like the pose that you gave Patricia. Works for me. :slight_smile:

Keep up the hard work, Andrei.


I like everything but i think that patricia should look more worried (as a stance of the body, like holding the rail with both hands or something) since in most of the book she is flipping out about something… Other than that, if you add more depth to the scene (fog or dof) it will look perfect…


@ chaitanya, thanks, the clouds are from a photo of a friend. he gived it to me for use it as a background in the challenge. i would like to build such clouds in 3d :smiley:
@ Jesus, thanks man, glad you like it :bounce:

@ George, yess man , thanks for the sugestion. maybe i’ll try to repose her, but i don’t know if i’ll had the time. i’m preatty bussy lately and didn’t manage to work mutch at the scene.
i’ll add some fog and particle dust and Dof for sure in the final render. thanks

… and sorry for the late post, the next one will come at the end of this week i gues. in the last few days i didn’t manage to do enything at the scene and i’m a little worry… the deadline is near… :d

good luck to everyone !

edit: @ Bortnichenko, thanks man , glad you like them :smiley: ( sorry )


Nice progress You have here!
Love the clouds :wink:

What else are you planning to add to your scene?


Hi, more action in the scene I see,nice job. A dramatic atmosphere have you created with the gray shader and texture color.




hey !
thanks Taavi, there is stiil a lot to do …and i gott preatty bussy last week and now got some problems with my computer… so didn’t manage to post something new. i still worcking on Lanier and still gott to add some buildings, maybe do some changes in the scene to add more depth…so there is preatty mutch to do. hope these days i’ll manage to put something up.

hey spire ! merci si spor si tie :thumbsup:

i don’t have a new render yet, so 'till that’ll hapen , here is something that shows how my textures are painted.


great work up here.

i’m not sure if it’s been mentioned, but maybe the neck of your character should be a little longer. So the head is standing higher. She looks like she’s afraid something is going to fall onto her.



hey mate, really cool texture works! I like your environment concept, the design and colors are simply remarkable. In the last days i’ve changed the concept for my environment to a really dark and gloomy place with some steampunk elements. Anyway, good luck further on!


Yeah, the textures are really cool and the mood too.

Keep it up.

Spor in continuare!


hey !

@ Nico, yes thanks, the nek could be a little longer, but in the final pose i think it looks just ok , 'couse there’s gonna be Lanier in the scene too, and Patt will listen to him, so the pose was made having that in mind.

@ hey Linh, glad too see you back and posting new and cool stuff… and glad you like my scene or at least what is for now :smiley:
thanks mate :thumbsup:

@ spire, thanks man !
merci la fel :smiley:

soo…it seams i 'm still late with the posts… i’m still preaty bussy, but i managed to paint a little more on the textures. not renderd yet… hope to gett something soon


so… finaly some update :smiley:
here is my version of Lanier. he is whearing some bugchopper suit. not to mutch detail, 'couse he’s gonna be near Pat, so gues this is it.
now i’m working at some builldings texture, so hope to post sone some scene render.

cheers to all


hey verys cool chara dude, i like the light comic design, keep up the work:D


hey !
added some more details, textures and did a little matte painting on the sky. i’m trying to find some lighting solution for the scene that will make it not to dark but not to brifgter eather. so this is just a test and i think i’ll do some changes on the building textures to make it feal more mechanical building.
hope you like it so far :smiley:


@Tuan, thanks man :smiley:

and by the way i added Lanier to the scene, next to Patt.
…and now back to work …there is still more to do and verry short time …


back to the left side… added some textures and some details.


Nice details… especially your character design look very unique, abit of cartoony and abit of “real life”, well done.



hey alvin , thanks!
hope to post some update soon