Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Szasz Andrei


thanks gan jian

i’m sorry for the latte post but i gott some medical problems, a hernia operation and i’m still in recovery…and i’m not really able to work yet… and that’s sooooo bad :(( i must stay in bed…maybe all this week .
i hope i’ll get better fast and start working again 'couse is preatty much to do here :smiley:


Wonderfull texturing on this. I hope you to be back ok soon!
Good luck.

Insanatosire grabnica & spor!


get well soon. hope you don’t lose too much time. :hmm:


Hey Andrei. I hope you get well soon. I also had surgery in mid August to correct a herniated disc in my neck. I still feel pain when working for more than an hour on the computer. That’s what makes it difficult for me to work on this challenge. I should really be taking it easy, but the challenge is too tempting. :smiley:

Here’s to a speedy recovery for you my friend! :beer:


hey guys !
huge thanks for your kind words
i’m feeling better now and i’m back in the challenge :smiley:

 hey Jesus  your problem was  biger than mine , take care man :D
 but maybe as you sad we can fix some of those problems with a little :beer:



hey back in business …
here is my rough modeling of Patricia, not mutch detail 'couse she’s be somewere in the distance.
no texture yet just some diferent materials to get a clear preview of her cloths


I love the Industrial mood with the organic mechinized feel! Its a great setting!

Your Seeker and BugChopper look great, I love the textures!

Patricia is looking very nice, and just like all the rest I can’t wait to see your scene come together with with everything in one render!

[font=Verdana][color=white][font=Times New Roman][font=Verdana][size=2]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully as soon as I get some work finished you’ll have a look and let me know what you think. Peace Peace![/font]


Hey - I really like your Patricia, lots of personality and a overall “cool” look, great work :thumbsup:
Sorry about your health problems … hope you get up to full speed soon. there’s still plenty of time.


@ Aaron , thanks man and i’m glad you joined the competision. i’m loocking forward to see your entry and would gladly share you my opinion :thumbsup:

@Gunila, thanks .
i gues i’m fealing better now and i hope to get the speed back :D,
i’m trying to put together some renders with the hole scene, but it’s preatty rough yet.
i’ll sure post some renders for you to get a clear loock of how is gonna loock, but it isn’t mutch though… hope to build more on the next week.


here is the front and right side of the scene. just o rough pre-viz, with a generic lighting and missing a lot of details. i decided to post this just to show a little overwiev of my scene and to show you how the work is developing .
hope you like it.


ah, so nice! things are really coming together now!

so where is the bugmotorcycle gonna go?

can’t wait to see more! :buttrock:


I really like Patricia’s clothing design, it seems right for the time and place. Good work


missing a lot of details ? lol ! i’m really curious to see this scene in Hd full details !
Anyway, this one show us a really great work, can’t wait to see the complete scene :wink:


very keeewl man, very keeeeeeewl (that’s “cool” in Eric Cartman tongue). the scene looks keeeeeeeeewl and adding the clouds makes it look even more keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewl :smiley:
now seriously. it looks really kewl :wink:


@ Aaron, thanks man, as for the bugmotocycle…it will be somewere on the right platform but not to visible i gues, becouse in that place will be Patricia and Lanier.

@ Nakai, thanks man , glad you like it.:smiley:

@ Cyril, :D, yep still need to add a little more detail to the scene, i feal that it needs nore detail to create a clear perspectiv and to show the real space of it. :smiley:

@ Virgil, thanks dude for the keeeeeeewl words :thumbsup:


Good to see You back on contest :slight_smile:
Patricia-s looks great!
I hadnt had time to start modelling the human(s) - shame on me…:sad:

I wish You quick recovering and good luck with contest :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Great realisation of the sceen, waiting for details!!!


almost finished withe the modeling on Patricia, but i still gott some problems with the rigging and still got to do some work on textures…hope to finish it fast 'couse it’s still more to do with the scene…


Hey Andrei, great progress on Patricia. :thumbsup:

You mention having problems rigging her. Do you plan on animating her? Or, is this only for posing? If for posing, you can always use a simple rig and tweak her afterwards with your normal modeling workflow. Just an idea.

Keep up the good work! :beer:


hey, thanks Jesus, think i managed the problems with the rigg… and i did it like you said, just rigged it for the pose, and then tweaked it with a little modeling. i did some test renders with Patt in the scene, but i’m not verry happy with what i gott, yet. i’ll post something new as short as i’ll gott something ok :smiley: