Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Szasz Andrei


thnaks and sorry for the late reply , yes i’m going to do specular / reflection maps and some bumps too. i working to find a good shader to put those maps … and still got some problems with that :smiley:

merci bafta si tie


I like how you’ve progressed to a different image. Can’t wait to see it start to come together.


looking good, looking goooooooooooood. the models are really cool, the textures… mm… don’t seem so clean nor motivated, but they’re OK. the concept drawings are great.
what kind of plans do you have with your scene? is it going to be part of an animation thingy?


@ Dustin thanks hope it will progress to the right direction :smiley:

@ Virgil thanks dude :smiley: , about the texures…i’m still working on that… and it’ll be some changes. i just found some good references of rust metal and metal plates and i foud out how the shaders should look, soo i’m now working again on those textures to make them look right.
about the animation, i gues there will be a 4 seconds animation spot, 'couse for the final submission there must be an animatet shot of the scene, and i’m now planning it :smiley:


tweeking the textures a bitt…
just added reflection, specular, and bump maps, did something more with the color textures…and a little experiment of lighting on those turbines.


good work on the textures, really ! this give to your modeling a really SF touch !
look forward to see more !


Wow this looks great :thumbsup:

Cool mood with all this machinery, I`m looking forward to see your progress :bounce:


Jeah, I really like your motocylcle. You’re good at texturing. Keep goin’ this style!



great progress, love the worn look of those gates. some black/yellow stipes could work on them as well to break up a bit more the allover grey maybe :slight_smile: great wor, looking forward to your next update! keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock::wip:


WOW! great texturing here! and very nice models!:thumbsup: I like the rusty look you give to your stuff.


@ Cyril, thanks man, i’m trying to make it look more SF then the sketch and trying to ketch the feeling of the chamber… there is stiil more to do :smiley:

@ Maciej, thanks dude, loocking forward to see your threads too :thumbsup:

@ Markus, thanks, i’m glad you like the motocycle but i think it woun’t be seen in the final scene to mutch , about the textures :smiley: i’m doing my best :smiley: , beeng a wide scene i try to do more with the textures , 'couse the modeling details will not be seen verry well, soo i’m detailing just where i’m sure it worths.

@ Sacha, thanks ! i’m just worcking on the black/yellow stripes :bounce: , they will appear bellow the gates on some triangular forms that will scater to the horizon line to gett some rithm in the scene :smiley: thanks for your sugestion !

@ Fabio, hey ! thanks man , it’s a payne in the ass with those rusty textures , but they are doing there job :d there is mutch more to do with the lighting, hope to rich the mood of the chamber

thanks an good luck to you all :buttrock:


Very nice with all this tech modeling - it will look great. The texturing works well too, good work :thumbsup:


hey !
thanks man
good luck to you too.
(yeah, the alien loocks more dangerous now :thumbsup: )


not realy finished…still nead to do some tweking on the textures…but here it is, another part of the scene


The texturing is coming along nicely, although the symmetry on the left large machine object is a bit distracting.

Good job nonetheless. :slight_smile:


hey man ! thanks !
and thanks for the sugestion i’ll try to fix that symmetry problem and still have to do some tweking here and there to fix some strechy textures.
good luck!


great work! its been an inspiration. love the textures.


Nice update! Do you have a rough 3dscene yet? I’m very curious on how the whole scene will look like :slight_smile:


@ chaitanya, thanks man i’m glad you like it .

@ Gunilla, hey thanks man.
yes i have some 3d scene but at this moment is so rough…:smiley: that i can’t post it yet, i mean that’s just about 20% done, but i’ll try to put something up on this weekend and post it.
i still have some doubts about the compozition of the scene so i’ll be glad to get some feedback on it. thanks :thumbsup:


nice texturing!and the models.it’ll become a great work.