Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Szasz Andrei


Hi mate. Looking forward to your work.
Good luck!


low poly, high poly, wire
another part of the scene is the bug chopper…


man dude, this looks great, i like your style a lot! Looking forward for texturing!


texturing of the bug_chopper.
the lighting solution is not to good, but hope it will be in the final scene :smiley:


WOW, very nice concept and great textures. It looks very good. Keep it up.


Yeah! that’s a cool bike. Well done , keep it up! :thumbsup:



Cool design!


wicked man, wicked. good job.
abia astept sa vad ce mai bagi in scena si ce o sa iasa in final


thank’s to you all.
sorry for not posting something new but i found some chapters from the boock and i’m thinking to rebuild the sketch and rethink the concept of the scene.
i’m now working at the new sketch…it will be done on the same structure but a little bit diferent , more SF, and more mechanics… no more streets and stuff :smiley:


here is the new sketch, basicly same compozition structure, but a little diferent



Very nice models and the texturing of them is great. I think they will fit well into your street scene.:thumbsup: I would just suggest to add some sort of terrain curvature to the sky background. This is going to look great when done.


modeling first buildings and buildings parts for the scene.


another pice of the scene, some kind of turbine engine with presure watches and stuff


man, you have some nice work here and great attention to detail.


Very nice model for those engines. Did u use any reference from reality or just your imagination?


hey man, your new sketch is really more explicit than the first, i think you’ve take the good option. This one will be surely impressive if you continue to add a great attention to details like you are doing now.
Good job and good luck dude ! :thumbsup:


Good progress. :thumbsup:

One thing. Your concept doesn’t seem to give me that “Eon” feeling, if you know what I mean. Still, I like what you have so far.

Keep it up.


@ Gary Downing , thanks man i’m doing my best :wink:

@ simovici florian , thanks, yes i used a lot of reference , lots of pictures from google of
all kinds af mechanical things, engines and other.

@ Cyril Taussat , thnaks , i’ll try to do same with all the models in the scene and with the
textures too , good luck to you too :smiley:

@ Jesus Bibian Jr , yes man i know what you mean, and i gues you are right, i finaly gott
the book and i will try to get more clouse to that feeling and i think that will mean
some changes of the scene , but hope i’ll manage to do it well.

thanks all , and good luck


this is the first scene texuturing, first buiding and is a Work in Progress, only color mapping is done. It’s still more to do but hope you like it so far.


Yeap, nice texturing. Are u going to put some specularity on the metal you have there? Or you are using a matte paint?