Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Szasz Andrei


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hi everybody !
wish you all best luck
hope to finish this one, it will be a preaty tuff challenge…:smiley:


so… this is my firs sketch. i gues it would be the 6th chamber.


I’ll love this dark&mooday atmosphere :slight_smile:


Have to agree with Taavi, some nice mood and atmosphere you’ve set there, i’ll be following this to see how it turns out :thumbsup:


adding some detail to the sketch :smiley:


just started the modeling with one robot seaker. just something i wanted to add to the description of the 6th chamber…i would like to make it an organical,mechanical chamber so i’ve added a living mechanism.


just started the modeling:
low poly, wire, high poly


That model is incredible!


That robot seeker is sooo cool! I’m a big fan of anything capable of flying,
especially sci-fi!
This is going to be a cool thread!


I like the robot design. :thumbsup:

As for the concept, it’s a bit difficult to read. I’m curious to see what you come up with next.


very cool craft dude! >:D< :stuck_out_tongue: … man! me cant wait to c tha texturing on this one! …

cheers to u dude! n good luck! :thumbsup:


I like the dark feel. Don’t make it too dark though.


That is a really cute seeker - keep it up that way :thumbsup:


just finished the texturing for the seeker…

thanks for your comments :smiley: and
i’ll soon post a more detailed sketch


i like the look of your seeker and the concepts a lot! Nice texturing too, looking forward for more!


very nice vehicle!! but i feel the scene is a bit uninteresting as nothing is happening. maybe you have more plans than the concept tells?
for example, why not have the seekers looking for someone/something and let the viewer see that person/things shadow somewhere in the pic… sure there are alot of better more original scenarios, thats just a quick example.


Nice job on the texturing. It kind of reminds me of a jerry rigged half life 2 camera thing… the one that floats around and takes blinding pictures of you. I’m nearly half way through the book and don’t think I’ve come across this gadget yet. Looks fun.



thanks for the idea, Anders. yes, i have some plans for the scene. it will be some interpretation of the 6th chamber.there are two seekers in the center and back of the image, they are patrollynig the streets to veriffy if everything works ok.
and, Zach, i gues you’ll never found this gadget in the book 'couse it’s something i brought in the scene of the chabmer to make it more organic i gues.
i mean, this chamber is a verry mechanical one, so i brougt in some live mechanics. i see it as
a dark organic-mechanicall world, where the presence of the man is just a rare fact, maybe just some visitors, so my scene will have 2 persons somewere in the distance, trying to show this fealing. in rest it will be just a huge mechanical city-organism.
(i don’t know if my vision of the 6th chamber is corect, i did’t read the book, just the description on the Cg forums.would like to read it , but i can’t find it in my country… :(. )
hope you like my interpretation :D, and… i will post soon a more clean sketch.

thanks all and good luck to all chalengers