Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Steven Pendrous


Hi there, great model making. I am paticually interested in ur Vehicle…great job. How did u get that cartoon outline on ur renderings…looks cool


Nice chic! your models are comming along fantabulously!

from your pre-vis, everthing is going look awesome!

and intersting use of the contour shader, I really like it!

Looking forward to see what else you come up with! :thumbsup:


great work on the model. The head looks sweet.
just one suggestion: the model in complete is rather skinny - or slim! And in this case you would see the ribs sticking out a little more. It might not be the intention because it would propablt be covered with clothes. But since you have much detail in other places, i thought i’ll just add it here :wink:

cheers :applause:


Here is some work I’ve been doing on the interior of the ‘Thistledown Library’. Not much to go on at the moment but I’ll post more later.


Here’s an update on the Library interior. There’s still no architecture yet, just been working on the idea of the Thisledown city ‘appearing’ around the chair in the form of a hologram.

Please feel free to let me know what you think!



Hey steven, your models look very very good, and I like your idea of a holographic Thisledown city around the chair… I think it can be a very interesting scene if you add a proper light and ambience… hope to see your solution soon.


hey steven

i like your concepts and ideas a lot and the models of the seat and the holographic stuff are wonderfull… im happy to tell that ur concepts are diferent fron mine so its ok … i think about the idea about the seat and the holographic projection f the city but im to bussy right now with the city itself … i have a skech of a seat il publish later on today



Well, here we go… This is my last ditch attempt to complete this competition! Haven’t got long left now to finish (I wouldn’t even be close without the time extention!!!) but the plan is to just churn it out in whatever spare time I have and hope I can make the deadline.

Hope you like?


Here’s my ‘Personnel Carrier’ at a different angle. All the textures are hand drawn in Photoshop… These’s still too much bump and dirt in some areas which I’ll clean up for the final piece. Anyway, hope you like it… should get some images uploaded of ‘Thistledown’ and ‘Patricia’ in the next day or so (depending if my computer will let me!!)



The texture work on the vehicle really helps bring the model to life. I especially like how the headlights and mud splashes came out. Nice work!


hey Steven , great textures on the car , the model looks great now , i’d like to see your final scene… so hurry up man , :smiley: and good lock !


yeah man very cool design and i like the textures, good luck!


Cool! Those textures really bring your model to life. I agree about the bump. It could get toned down a bit.

Haven’t seen an update from you in a long while. Good to see you back. The important thing here is to now finish this in time. :slight_smile: Good luck!


great mate! Nice color choice and authentic use effects, superb!



Great job on modeling and texturing the truck :thumbsup: :thumbsup: . Your idea is a cool one too, l look forward to seeing the final image.


yes, great vehicle… :slight_smile:


Well, that’s it… I’m out of the competition! :sad:

Thanks guys for all of the support, I really appreciate it!
Unfortunately my computer (P4 2.8, 1gb RAM, NVidia Quadro 500) has finally given up on me. Its been struggeling for a while with everything I’ve been throwing at it and being on almost permenantly has finally finished it off.

Anyway, best of luck to everyone that’s left… you’ve really inspired me with the quality of work and the dedication you’ve all put into this competition!!!

Look forward to seeing your final pieces, I know they’re going to be great!!! :thumbsup:



Sorry to hear that, I liked very your work.


Hey Steven. I guess you and I are in the same boat here. Hardware issues and time got the best of us. In the end, however, it was something as simple(?) as trying to convert my .avi to .flv that hurt me. My entry was finished with 43 minutes remaining, but I just ran into trouble trying to figure out why my animation was coming out green and pixelated after converting to .flv. It turns out that it might have been my original .avi that was causing the problem. It seems that the Riva encoder doesn’t convert uncompressed avi’s well. I ended up exporting a avi with Cinepak compression and then it worked, but it was already too late. :sad:

Well, I guess there’s always a next time…maybe. :shrug:


Im very sorry steven … :cry:

u and jesus sure zapped us with ur entries … incredible detail i must say!

i cudnt help but gawk at ur work! :eek: colour … dirt texture … modeling … knockout buddy! :buttrock: im sure that all ur hard work and dedication was not vain :frowning: . u’ll c … smthin will work out for u!

i still love ur work! :love: one of the best! :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers bro! :beer: wishing u the very best in the near future! :thumbsup: god bless u!