Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Steven Pendrous


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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): Personnel Carrier (V3.03)


Hi everyone,

Well…this is it, my first ever post and my first ever attempt at anything like this!

I’ve been visiting this site for a while now and, when i saw the ‘EON challenge’, thought I’d bite the bullet and enter. I’ve no idea how I’m going to get along as this is going to be my first time at creating both a character and an environment (not to mention animating it) but if I don’t give it a go I’ll never know! Whatever happens its going to be experience!

I’ve just started to read the book, but from the ‘inspiration pages’ I like the sound of the third chamber so hopefully I’ll upload some sketches soon (probably end up changing my mind, but I’ve got to start somewhere).

Anyway… Best of luck everyone, think we’re going to see some amazing entries!!!


Sketch V1(01) - Thistledown City


Sketch V2(01) - Thistledown City


Good luck Steven,

concept looking great! I like the second even better than the first. It has a better perspective and point of view. Defenetly something good to work with.

keep it up


Sketch V2(02) - Thistledown City
This is a reworked version of the 2nd sketch. The image is based on a small section of the book when Patricia is free to roam around the 'stone’on her own. I liked the idea of her being all alone in this vast and amazing city, contemplating the fate of the earth.
I not sure at the moment if I’m going to stick with the design of the building shown, might try make them look a bit cleaner, but overall I think the image conveys the ‘meloncholy’ and ‘still’ feeling I’d like to have in my final piece.
Please let me know what you think…


great sketch! great angle and scene choice, u can really get something strong out of this :slight_smile:
I think u should stick with this… good luck mate :buttrock:


I agree. You should really flesh this new concept out. I would really like to see how it turns out.

One crit. Perhaps you should have the plasma tube higher. Having it as low as you have it gives the impression that the chamber is not so large…if you know what I mean.


I think you should keep on with this, looks very good.


Nice work Steve!

Really good concept images, I’m looking forward to seining how you develop your ideas further.

I hope you’ll show us more soon.


Nice! I like it.


Hello steven, very nice concept sketch.
Good luck.


hey steven

i am doing the thistledown valley myself so i am keeping a close eye on your work…

great concept work so far

keep it going !



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Thanks for the nice words of encouragement guys!!!  I've just started work on modeling the personnel carrier so I should have something else to post pretty soon


I wondered if anyone would think that! The main reason I kept the plasma tube so low in the image is that i wanted the character (Patricia) to be on one of the bridges spanning across Thisledown. I figured these must be enormous and very tall to cover such a vast distances, so consequentially she would be a lot closer to the plasma tube and tops of buildings. Hopefully I’ll convey this over a bit better when modeling!

Thanks for the comments though… its always good to find out how other people percieve you work! Keep them coming!!!


Thistledown City, Great choice Dude, I like the concept. Just go for it and all the best for this challenge:thumbsup:


cool concept. Waiting for modeling updates. :wink:



Pre viz should be interesting, so keep on working;
And i thing you’ll have a lot of work with a light :slight_smile:


Hey Steven,

I like your drawing and painting style, great job. :thumbsup: One thought , maybe you could suggest more curve of the terrain by putting the buildings on the far right side at an angle. Look forward to see more updates.


Hi, Sorry for not posting anything for a while… been a bit busy. Anyway here’s my first attempt at a wheel for my ‘Personnel Carrier’. I’m quite pleased with the spokes and hub (look how I wanted them to) but might end up changing the treads. I always end up going back over my models at a later date… think it helps not leaving them for a few days and then going back to them.

Hope you like? Please let me know what you think.


As my vehicle is going to be pretty high of the ground (to try and give it that rugged feeling) I’ve started to work on the under carriage and running gear. I’d still like to add bolts, cables and brake pads etc but I’ll probably wait until I’ve modeled a bit more to see how much is going to be visible on the final model.

Once again please feel free to let me know what you think.