Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Nicholas Weston


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Latest Update: Final Render: The City In the Way


First block-out for getting a feel of the relative size of the city to the Way.

It’s taken me a while to get organised for this challenge, my first here. Expect more over the next couple of days.



heya nik!. already, pretty nice sense of scale for Nader and The Way! nice perspective too…truly a last minute venture eeh?.

I hope you can get a result in the eighteen or so days left:thumbsup:

best of luck



Modeling this wasn’t really an issue - this is a materials test with main lighting. Trying to get a sense of depth without things becoming too… flat I guess, is proving hard. The flare seems to work and certainly gives the feeling of energy that I’m after.


Simple foreground structure, texture to be finalised, but thsi is the base geometry.


Ecosystem for the foreground - very high poly count, but worth it for the detail level.


Looking through Axis Nader towards Central City.

Lighting approaching what I had in mind, the texture is temporary, although it’s headed in the right direction - I’ll sort that out once the lighting is straight.


Texture applied.

I’ve been at thsi FAR too long today.

More tomorrow!


Hey Nicholas,

I see we both have left things to the last minute with regards to the challenge. I like your updates , the texture or lighting test for the Way looks good as does the foreground image which I assume you did in Vue. Good luck the rest of the Way , no pun intended.


The city model. Rather more time went into developing Central City than was needed, especially as it isn’t really visible from the final camera position. Oh well.


OK, here we go. This image is getting close to the final now.

Temporary inserted objects for a trio of the arrow-fliers and a quick stand in for one of the cross drones. I’m not sure if that’ll be staying. Still got the plasma tube to sort out, but definitely getting there.


The blunt arrow-head flier.

I think in the book they may be larger than this, but a little licence and maybe a different model?


And here it is textured.


OK - now we’re getting there. Plasma tube in place, I’ve put in the improved fliers, but ditched the cross-drone and here is the final composition.

All that I need do now is do the animation, which will probably involve a slight camera move and the fliers shoot ing past and then the final output render.

“ALMOST THERE”, as Red Leader might have put it…


Software: Vue

Final submission.

The Axis City is beautifully described in the book and the impact of such a structure from the surface of The Way hit me right from the start as possibly THE signature scene of the story as the protagonists are introduced to the world of the Hexamon by Ser Suli Ram Kikura’s partial. The cities in the Stone are still recognisably contemporary, with some exceptions (such as the megas). The industrial sections, similarly, even if not in scale then in nature, are human.

Axis City, however, is something else. By being a floating structure and so singularly massive it seems to present a wonderfully concrete image of the minds behind the Way, an almost playful disregard for the difficulty of a task compared to the act of performing it - a civilization ascendant, with it’s technology in full bloom.


Axis City hangs on the centre of The Way, magnificent from any angle, but awe-inspiring from the surface. Here a trio of small fliers pass overhead of our view-point, near a small Naderite holding on the surface of The Way. Looking up and ahead we see the city in the haze, the forward industrial units, the buffer and Axis Nader are clearly visible, with the two Geshel precincts receding into the distance. Central City is not visible beyond the bulk of Axis Nader.


More than anything else, this image and scene is meant to evoke the sense of wonder that first drew me to the book many years ago.

I’d like to think I’ve managed, in some way, to convey this message to the world.

This is actually the first animation I’ve ever done using Vue 5 Infinite. Indeed the whole project has been produced using view, including the modelling - I don’t have any other 3D software to use, so I’ve had to get inventive with Boolean geometry.

Play Video >>


Well, that’s done.

I’ve learnt alot doing this, from several different artists. What really strikes me is -
a) The level of support out there from you all - excellent.
b) I’ve got to save up and get more software.
c) Vue is pretty flexible!

Now I’ll get some sleep.

Good luck everybody!


Hey Nicholas,

Great finish on this and it is good that you are doing “firsts” during this challenge. The animation part is not easy for me , so I congratulate you on your first animation. You did a good job on modeling in Vue. Good luck as you did a great job and see you later.


Thanks Bro’

It’s been a pretty sharp learning experience alright. Vue is a great tool, but I really need to get some time in with proper modelling tools. I’m just enrolling on a degree course, so, all things being equal, I’ll get alot more design time coming to me!

Angitu pai - ka kite ano hoa taku, kia ora.


I think what you’ve done here is stunning. Especially you were limited by hardware and software power.

Congratulations. For me it’s very successful work - especially for a first time and for a huge contest like that. Nothing to crit from me… :thumbsup::thumbsup:


I just re-read the description of the city and realised I had forgotten the vanes. Then I looked at my modelled objects and discovered that I’d actually gotten as far as modelling them and then completely put them out of my mind, looking at the dates it was when I was working on the foreground objects.

Oh well. Too late now, but I think for my own amusement I’ll do another version.