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ok so my next reply will be 2 months after i have read the book ! !!

c everyone soon !



hey mate, just came to wish you goodluck and lots of fun :slight_smile: hahaha off to read as well ^^


lets read, read, read!

Happy 2007!

damn, too late


i figured out i dont have time to read the book !

so using the inspiration i have decided to create and image and animation of
Thistledown - Third Chamber

i already have some nice concepts in my head so i will be doing some sketches
and posting up some ideas soon



"Thistledown City was astonishing
Here the Stone architects had allowed themselves complete freedom. Treating the chamber as a giant valley, they had strung cables from cap to cap and hung buildings from them in graceful curves.

Taking advantage of the upward slope of the floor, they had built arched structures fully ten kilometers long, bands of steel and processed Stone material interacting in patterns of silver and white, casting soft-edged shadows over the neighborhoods below. Some of the structures rose to the very limits of the chamber’s atmosphere; these were actually thicker at the top than the bottom, like golf tees. "

so i am picking out the buzz words from this passage : -

Stone architects ,strung cables from cap to cap and hung buildings from them in graceful curves, arched structures , thicker at the top than the bottom, like golf tees

i think that gives me enough to go on…

stay tuned for concepts.


ok i think in total i will do 3 concepts for the thistledown valley

here is the first… still working on the hanging buildings though its very tough to try and figure that bit out



am still working on the suspended buildings so there is more to come with this concept - i think i would have ships floating up and down the valley also but the structures i am happy with.


Great looking concept.Goodluck mate.


great sketch , whaiting to see how will develop.
good luck


i really really like your concept man… great work so far…


I like the way you did Building, it’s an excellent idea.



Brilliant color palette and veru good composition!
I like the slight tilt to the scene! Very dynamic!
Good luck!


a great concept :bounce: I’ll be keeping my eye on this one :slight_smile:


wow, one of the best design for this chamber that ive seen so far! keep on dude :slight_smile:


second concept image for the thistledown valley… i think this i like this one more so i will try to do one more concept just to see… this could have also been taken futher as an image … suspended buildings etc and birds etc etc


fasntasic image man! Very well painted.

Cheers :smiley:


Hey that’s pretty good! I like the layout. it seems like the majority of what we see is midel/back ground have you thought about making something closer ro camera? Nice concept, looking forward to the progression.


Hey Neil,

Nice looking concepts so far… I am liking the 2nd one better . Great job so far and I look forward to where you go with this.


Hi Neil!

Nice to see you participating here. Your skills are getting better and better!
I’ll be definately following this one.