Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


looks great. :scream: maybe you can show a little impuls of the engine, when the ship flies away.
some audio would be nice too… :slight_smile:


Congratulation:applause: Great work my friend:bounce:



this is the sound of another cool entry…
Maybe another price is coming…
Thanks for this Monsit ! :thumbsup:



Great job you’ve done here! Love the modelling. :thumbsup:
I only have the feeling that the light is wrong-sided on the front space-ship and platform :rolleyes: Please tell me I ain’t right…



congregulation for great final work my frind .:thumbsup:
Good luck


im still in the rendering stage! wow i like the animation! wish the astronaut moves also. it will be more fun to watch:thumbsup:


nice tech feel about it… good to see someone is arriving at the stone as opposed to already in it… awesome visuals


It amazes me how you get both the 2d and 3d done and at super high quality! Congrats on finishing the 3d as well! Really nice image that you have here. I am gonna have take a look at the animation a little bit later.:thumbsup:


Woooo, amazing work monsitj!!!Congratz on that great finish and good luck:beer:


Cool entry! It would have been nice to see some more wip images of your progress, as your thread seems very lacking in that department. Nevertheless, good job! :thumbsup:


holy cow! :eek: stupendous man! :eek: a big congratulations to u mate! :eek::bounce::applause: absolutely wonderful details, modeling, lighting, composition … geees … so much! i love it! i love it! :love: ur very talented indeed! :stuck_out_tongue: all ur hard work paid off big time!

i wish u good luck buddy! :thumbsup: u rock!:buttrock:


very cool work in a very short space of time as i know you entered the challenge late.



Great job dude! congrats and good luck with the final choice!:thumbsup:


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