Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


stone texture and atmosphere , so far , comments are welcome


Incredible job Monsit, i believe with your work made many people in contest change theme…!


I really like the stone’s texture krub, but i think the group of aircrafts(also their smoke) at the top of image look a bit strange…However…
I’m waiting for update!:thumbsup: Great work!


almost done ! I think its’ about90% . maybe I have time to tweak the color and value of the image , so comments are welcome


Hey there,this is looking realy great.


I thought I asked you to stop being so good :frowning:


su su krub
great work so far :thumbsup:


Hey Monsitj, great scene you have there.
In my personal opinion I think that there is a little bit too much light in the asteroid, which causes the all scene to be kind of “blended” with not much sense of deph.
Maybe if you dark some areas or increase the contrast of some lights.
Good luck mate.


Awesome progress, as always… I hate you :smiley:


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray

the final animation render of my Eon 3d scene entry , I want to show the first time when the human arrived at the stone which is the main element of the story

Play Video >>


finished!! Thank you everybody for support and valuable comments and cgsociety staff for their hardwork and awesome contest , good luck everybody ! :bounce:

Ps:I decided to upload video with no sound to avoid copyright issue ,because I use sound that download from internet , and don’t sure about their license agreement ,


Great image! Congratulation !! Good luck krub! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


teach me master! I want to be your young padavan :twisted:


Exellent work as always! Great animation and certainly a prize in the contest!

Great job Monsit :thumbsup:


It looks great Monsit, congratulations.


Congratulation:applause: Great work.:thumbsup: Cheers u alway.:love:


OH MY…THIS IS AWESOME! how much details you put in that scene! GREAT TEXTURING SO FAR.



nice work so far!

only think is that i still find the scene way too flat - mostly because there is way too much bounce and environment light then there is possible in space.
When that bright thing is the sun, the lighting creates a very strange effect.

the animation is a great start, but it only shows the spaceshit in 3d for the time it makes a turn. But i can imagine it would take a huge long time to render if you would render everything in 3d. But maybe with the time we still have it should be reasonable.



Heyyy Monsit, beautiful render, i wish you all the best in the judging process.




:thumbsup: Great !like always pal.I am glad you are in the challenge and hope to see the finished artwork.