Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


2different type of explore ship that will board from platform ,


thondal : many thanks man for support! good luck to you too!
Nomad : Hi ! how are you friend? and about my GSO entry , after I put my background and foreground together , I said to myself too hehe, it remind me my Gso entry too , maybe the deadline that extended , so I have time to put something in it ,


yeah dude, the two crafts are great, great unique design:D good luck for your final image


I like the design of the ships quite a bit. The only thing I’d change would be the glowing blue tori. They make the ships look too much like those in the Matrix. Aside from that, good work, and keep it up!


You can tell you’ve put alot of detail into the modeling. I especially like how the glowing pads on the top of the craft came out. Nice work!


Excellent. Please stop being so good :frowning:

cheers :smiley:


VietEmotion : thanks man, hope you good luck too!:bounce:
vmulligan : urmm! thanks for comments , and goodluck to you !
leving : thanks man! but this ship will appear very small in comp ,
gringer : :love:


put it all together and rough lighting , don’t decide yet about the color and light direction , so comments are welcome


Your texture of planet look great. I think that if you add some faraway atmosphere and move your target camera to more oblique will help your scene look interesting and complete :slight_smile:


Always loved your art, this one is turning out great, as usual! The texture of the planet looks great, i think the camera composition is good as well, although i agree on the atmosphere thing, it would enhance the work.


something seems to happen here !

Are you going to finish !? :bounce:


:eek: me gone gaga seeing ur work buddy! :eek:

sensational details and lighting! :scream: i especially love the look of the explorer ships and their details! fantasmic! :applause:

simply amazing work man! now me patiently waits for ur final update! :D:D

good luck buddy! :thumbsup:

god bless ya!


great work man ! as usually :smiley:
you did it in verry short time and still looking great. whaiting for the final scene.
good luck man ! :thumbsup:


WOW! Great work.:buttrock: Cheers.


Not giving-up che che… You inspire me with that attitude, though I won’t be making my own one this time, good luck man great work so far :thumbsup:


many thanks for comments ! help me a lot and here is the texturing and lighting update , ( deadline extend is great news!)


best of luck,looking forward to the next update.


Hey Monsit,

I really like the point of view in your image, maybe you could be a little closer . The textures are looking awesome and lots of details.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Great job and good luck.


I like where you are going with this, my only comment is the lighting… it is too diffuse for an space shot, even with artificial lights it wouldn’t be so diffuse, it would have more contrast too. Just MHO.



Zhuli: many thanks , hope you goodluck too,
mmoir : Hi ! glad to see you here ! many thanks for comments ! good luck man!
SNoWs : yes I completely agree with you , I plan to add more atmosphere to the stone , have to tweak a lot more ,