Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


I thought ive dropped a line here already!

Im eager for more from you Monsit…:thumbsup:


Hi! here is my latest update , begin to model and paint displacement of stone surface ,


displacement map extraction from zbrush


:eek: The Amazing scene will be here within eight days…from The Amazing man:bounce:


Hey Monsit - good to see you back on this! I’m sure you will come up with something stunning even if the time is short. Looking forward to your next steps!


begin modeling fg charactor , an explorer astronaut


hurry----- astronaut modeling done!


Hurry up man. I can see really good modelling level, so keep on, i think your texturing skills are as good as modelling.

Have a good luck.


targus : thanks man for visited, yes have to hurry:eek:


mentalray rendering with displacement map apply , I also add more structure to the hole , comments are welcome


That’s one of the most interesting stone entrances I’ve seen thus far. Reminds me of the inside of a clock for some reason. Nice:thumbsup:


Agree!:scream: Really nice models.



LOVE the displacement work on the Stone. Truely nice work. Even better is the work on the dock area you have started. I sure wish you the best of luck in getting finished. I’m really looking forward to seeing it complete!


SNoWs : thanks man! glad to see you ! I try to make the structure look like futuristic ruin construction :eek:
alvin-cgi : thanks alvin , good luck to you too .

aurora : many thanks !


occlusion shader apply to astronaut model and explorer station platform to test final composition


Keep going krub! i’m following your work! :bounce:


love the look of the “lunar surfaced” rock ad well as the entrance… The platform seems to work very well as a foreground element too… Keep us posted… The deadline is now the end of January… Good luck…


Pitipong korbkun crub:)
icedeye : thank you , and it very good news:thumbsup:


!! Really like your scene. I´m amazed by this and others amazingly good work, and creativity. I´m hoping to be as good as this some day. (hopefully till next contest :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: )
But I´m looking forward till your next update. Good luck. Hope you make the deadline (it´s extended :wink: )



Ah I see you started to rendering great things Monsit :thumbsup:

It reminds me your great entry for GSO, same great look :slight_smile:

Anyway fantastic work so far, with the extended deadline you can accomplish an another great piece of art :bounce: