Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Monsit Jangariyawong is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Render: welcome to the stone


good luck and have fun all! I have to go to bookstore and find the novel ! argggggg:eek:


And while u are going out buy some coffee and cigarettes for me…and Pizzaaaa! :bounce:

good luck man… :thumbsup:


yep dimi… and the wine were is it ? lol … good luck Monsit, I’m in your same situation, I have to go on a bookstore hoping that they have an italian version somewere ?



Welcome Here Monsit !
Have fun doing this challenge !


How great to see you’re in Monsit !!

Have tons of fun here mate !!

cheers ,



Looking forward to yours! Your work has been consistantly great!


WOW! Two entries?!? Man, you’ve got a lot of work for you ahead. Best of luck, my friend. :bounce:


I see most of the usual suspects are in :wink:

Good Luck Monsit!


Hi friend :beer:

Good to see you here!!! Good luck :thumbsup:

I´m going to a bookstore too, to look for a portuguese or spanish version of the novel … But I´m don´t find it :smiley: … I´m just find a english version … Anyone have a english dictionary?? hehehe


good luck monsit!! time to read (I do not read much, but I am going to look for something of free time, I have only read 10 pages until now,:sad: .



can’t wait to see your first steps here


I went to type aaahh the Mighty Monsit… and had dejavu… Awesome as always to see you in here mate:thumbsup:


can’t wait to see your stuff man!
Best of luck :thumbsup:


First [b][b]a big hello !

:wavey:[/b][/b][b]Master Monsit is on the house!![b]

My best wishes on this one mate…ill be following every single step of this one…



Good lucky buddy! This challenge is one of the best yet :smiley:


Happy to see u in, Monsitj :slight_smile: just remember to leave some prizes to all of us :smiley: good luck my friend!


I don’t mind if he takes the prizes :slight_smile:
I just want to see the masterpiece he’ll do:twisted:

good luck my friend!


oh yeah, you’re in 3d scene! good luck


many many thanks my friend for warm welcome, but I think i have problem now heeheheh!
after I read EON chapter in challenge page before I go to find a full copy in bookstore ,
I found myself don’t understand because of my poor english and Eon is science fiction contain a lot of technical term , so I don’t sure about this challenge , maybe it take a lot of time before I begin to post something , anyway I will try to focus on artistic and have fun with the challenge with all of you ! good luck all!