Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Mike Moir


great Mike!
buildings look really great! I’m sure they will look awsome in your scene. Quite real look. Hope you can spend some time during those 11 days and will make wonderful scene!
I’ll be watching :slight_smile: no crits at this point


Well, here is an update where I used some lighting to create some more depth to the image. The buildings don’t show up very well in this lighting but since postwork isn’t really supposed to be used I can’t render this on a separate layer with different lighting.
I will have to find a way to make it work , at least I don’t have to render the still at the larger size which will help me out on time.
Let me know if you have any comments.


Those buildings look good Mike. Nice detailing:thumbsup:


Well, here is the layers composited together. I still think I need more strenght to the Plasma tube and I am going to add more lights to the tops of the buildings.
Let me know if you have any comments.


The biggets suggestions I’d give you are the onse you already added, especially strengthing up the plasma tube. But looks uber-sweet right now! Good luck!


Well, in this update I brightened up the area around the plasma tube, I think this helped out the image as a whole a quite a bit.
Now , I just have to create some sort of distance haze for the foreground city and add the lights to the building tops, then of course do the animation.


Hey Mike, nice work on this bridge, I like the feeling of “upside down” :thumbsup:


Well, this is my final image . I made the very small Patricia character in the bottom left corner much brighter as well as added a slight haze to the foreground city.
Thanks guys for all the comments and sorry for the lack of participation in others threads , I should have worked on this throughout the challenge time frame so I could have more time to post in some of the other great threads.


this is great!!! Good Luck.


I agree… It really IS great.

While following up on your thread, I had enjoyed a lot of what I saw… but the star would definately go for your “hanging building” concept.
It sort of locked me from being able to create my own :sad: the most original ones ere in the end under the influence of this great catch (Though I am STILL not too sure about the overhanging ones…).

All in all, everything seems to have developed nicely…
BEST of luck with your entries journey from here on!



Hey Mike!

Somehow I thought you’ve had not the time and motivation to finish the challenge…and now I see your final image here:scream: …
Congratulations for your impressive scene! :bounce:

I really like your concept for the hanging buildings and the overall impression is…huge, very huge! A stunning look in the inside of the cylinder:thumbsup: !
Great work here, Mike, good luck for your entry!



Software: Carrara,CorelDRAW,Photo-Paint

Here is my video for my challenge entry. It is a little small, if I can I will do a larger version.


Okay , I give up . My video was supposed to be way smaller, the version that was uploaded somehow got blown up in size and is extremely poor looking. I guess I will try to upload it again.


Nice one!:thumbsup: Where is your animation link?:scream:




I deleted the link from the above post because I was hoping to upload another one and I didn’t really want anyone to see it. If you really want to see it, you can go to the first page of my thread and choose the “view challenge page” and then click the Video post.


Seeing the video clip I can really appreciate the sense of depth you’ve achieved - no small feat. Brilliantly done.

The scale feels just about perfect, especially with the city units around the curve of the chamber.


Well, here is the final image again. I was trying to get as big an image as possible while staying below the 150kb limit.
I don’t know how some people manage to get such large images below 150kb.
Anyways, I did a larger animation and will be uploading that next.
Thanks to all who stopped by my thread and commented, it is appreciated.


Software: Carrara,CorelDRAW,Photo-Paint

Well, here is a larger version of the video then the previous one I uploaded
. When originally hearing of this Cg Talk Eon challenge I knew I wanted to somehow show the inside shape of the stone. The massive tubular environment is what I was after in doing the model and the hanging city structures is something else I found interesting in reading the book so I also concentrated on that as well.
This is fairly close to what I was after when I started the contest. Good luck to all the challengers.

P.S. I also used Veloute which is a plugin for Carrara , it wasn’t an option in the Software area so I thought I would mention it here.

Play Video >>


Big Congrats Mike!
A really stunning scene … and made in such short time, very impressive!
You really achieved a sense of scale here, as usual, good luck :thumbsup:


Congrats on making it to the end, Mike. I like your final still, but the animation definitely puts it to shame. Really great sense of scale with the animation. Good luck with the judges!