Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Mike Moir


To say I haven’t done much with my entry is an understatement. I will try to see what I can come up with in the time left.
Here is my start to the hanging city model , maybe it is a little to boxy but I think it is okay. Just have to add lots more buildings and stuff onto it.
This is the basic shape and point of view I am after .
Any comments or crits are appreciated.



Sorry double post.


Hey Mike, good to see you back on this. It is a little early in the development process to give you a meaningful critique but so far so good. You can make this look very sweet in the time you have left. We’re rooting for ya!


Hi my friend!
I thought that you gave up, I’m really glad that you’re back and will try to fight :slight_smile:
still over two weeks left so I hope you will manage to do something nice.
Wish you best luck here!
and now move on Mike :bounce:


Here is the rough layout of the scene model, I just wanted to get the view I wanted with regards to the foreground and background.
I will concetrate on the background next. Any comments or crits are appreciated.


Okay, another update. I have started the texturing of the background elements.
The Capstone needs some more bump I think and a little more details. For the ground the light areas are where the cities are going to be as well as a river which will be done with texture maps.
I am going to use my programs Surface Replicator to add the buildings to the cities and maybe add some forests or some low mountain areas too.
Let me know what you think.


Hey Mike, I’m glad to see you back with this. I like what you’ve done in the last update - the addition of the landscape texture makes the whole upside down thing quite clear.
Good luck in finishing this - you have to run but you can still make it :thumbsup:


I love the perspective in this, iot really draws the eye round the curve of the asteroid.


SUPERB POIN OF VIERW! great sense of space!:thumbsup:


Hey Mike,

Interesting point of view, it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful scene!
But hurry up, there is not much time left! It not that I want to stress you, I am just hoping to see the final :)!



Another update here, I have added the distant cities although I am going to add more variety of buildings , right now it is too many buildings of the same height.
Also textured the terrain , to add the river etc.
Any comments or crits, let me know .


hi mmoir… i like the hanging buildings very Eon like good job… also the chamber is pretty cool ur missing the golf tee buildings i think try to make then if ur doind this in Thistletown … :thumbsup:


Hey Guys,

Thanks for the comments you have given so far,its is appreciated .

Leotril- the main hanging building is the golf tee type building , I plan on adding more in the distance.


Hi Mike!
it looks better and better. This river looks great! maybe add a loong bridge there… As th eterrain is concerned I’m not sure if bump and specular will do the thing here, I would try to make some displacements especially in the bottom part… But I know that time is running out. Wish you best luck!


thats a large file! must be hard to manage! :deal:


In this update I have added the textures to the Hanging city, the trim color or accent strips are supposed to be metal so I have to do that but this is the general feel I was after.
Some buildings are a little off which I have to fix. I excluded the replicated distant cities in this render.
Any comments or crits, let me know.


Looks great my firend. Good feel of scale is there. I only feel a lack of some specularity there, looks a but dry. But still nice progress!:thumbsup:


In this update I added the clouds and updated the Plasma tube as well I added some more terrain work on the bottom part of the terrain.
I am going to start modeling the foreground buildings now.


Your scene is looking good dude.I like the hanging building.


I spent the last while modeling the buildings going in the foreground, I may still model a few more but I think if I vary the shaders and rotation and size , the city should look okay.
Let me know is you have any comments or crits.