Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Mike Moir


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Hey all,

I finally decided to enter , don’t know if I will have the energy to finish but I will give it a try.
Here is my concept for the 2nd chamber, just getting the layout down fairly close to where I want the final.
I want to emphasize some type of buildings and docking ports on the cap or wall in the background.
Comments and crits are appreciated and good luck to all of you who entered.


Welcome mike and good luck!:thumbsup:


Hey Mike,

great to see you’ve finally joined the party:) ! And already a nice sketch to discover…I’m curious to see what you will make with it!:bounce:

Good luck for you and of course: Have fun!



Hey man,

Cool sketch up! It definately has a good sense of depth and scale. I’ll keep my eye on this one.

Cheers :smiley:


Look forward to your progress. Nice sketch to start off with.


Hi Mike! Glad to see you join in this adventure. I expect another huge scene from you - the concept can already tell :slight_smile:
Good luck!


really like the scene, excited for updates! good luck on your modeling, and hope you finish :wink:



I did another concept sketch , this time of the Thistledown chamber. I think this is how the hanging arches are supposed to look.
The sketch is a little rough and I think the city building are a little too big but it is the general idea I was after .
Guys which concept do you like best so far, you comments would be helpful.


I like this concept. Very nice.


Hey dude Very nice concept, maybe some more hanging buildings in the background, might add more depth to your scene, just a suggestion. Looks cool All the best for this challenge:thumbsup:


Hey Guys,

madshooter- yes , I was planning on having more hanging buildings.
gardogg,thondal,gunilla,HowieFarkes-Thanks for the comments.
gringer,daWinky,beelow- thanks for the comments guys.

Anyone have any comments on which concept they like better? I may do one for the 2d challenge as I have been wanting to do the 2d challenge for a while.


Hi Mike… it’s good to see you… I like your Thistledown Concept… I am still stuck on page 33 of the book… help! I will keep an eye on your progress. Keep going buddy, one of us has got to finish… :thumbsup:


Hey Mike.
Like your concepts. I personally like the first one better and maybe it’s because it has more of a spectacular view. I’m sure that either one will rock!


Hey ,

I have made a decision , I am going to do the Thistledown concept in 3d and the other concept for the 2d challenge. Hopefully I can complete at least one. Thanks for the input guys .


Hey Mike, no updates? don’t have any time to dedicate to this? I’d hate not to see this one move forward…


Hey Angel,

Thanks for the nudge , but I just don’t feel motivated to work on the challenge. Hopefully this will change sometime soon.


Oh man, I hope you find your muse.


nice work
good luck


I hope your motivation comes back, I really like your sketches.