Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Mihail Spireanu


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This is my first draw in this challenge , is just a point of view from inside to outside space.I hope soon I will put the next drawing.

Regards, Spire.



Yours is favourite so far man, I love it. My minds eye can see so many awesome ways to develop it. Good luck!

Cheers :smiley:


Thank’s , I hope to have enough inspiration and luck to do a good job.
Regards, Spire.


intersting sketch , whaiting for more :smiley:
bafta !


I make a little more on the base image , and I have also work on concept.
Best regards, Spire.


… and this also.


Very cool, kinda what I was thinking of doing. Much Luck!


Hey man.

Nice second sketch. Personally I thought the first one had more mystery, however the new one has a much more futuristic feel to it. I’m sure either will turn out great. Good luck!

Cheers :smiley:


Hi ,

Yes I’ve been thinking of the first sketch and I found that is not like in the book. I didn’t change much but I come to the conclusion that ,there are no space between the wall of cylinder and the exterior of the asteroid(is the same wall).After some calculations I found that on such a distance the human eye may not see much differences as it could see on the earth.I think also that on 70 km high ,the perception of shapes become just a matter of light. Anyway they become very pale and also on less than 2000-4000 meter high the clouds will appear.Only thing that I belive it could be difrrent is the inverted position of clouds and the light (intensity and position/shape).
So I change that. The 3D image will be I think a mixed one from the bouth image, but I’m not decided yet.

I have made also a rough sketch for trailler section but I will subscribe only if it will be enough time to finish.

Good luck to all!

Regards ,Spire.


This will be the spaceship , I hope very soon to come with the human characters.


I guess this will be my last sketch. I will come with some characters soon.

Best regards , Spire.


First character that I modell for Eon.


Much human like pose for Patricia. I have made a simple rig only to pose Patricia.Hope to update with the others characters.
Regards, Spire.


Ce zici de a mea? http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?threadid=415554


good model, keep it up:)



very cool spacyness! The feeling I get from your concepts is of swooshing down into a vast open area, so big you feel as though you could fly in any direction, but then nope! gotta go this way :slight_smile: and into the giant tunnel! follow the light!

Your scene looks great and I love the mood! especially in the last cocept with people!

unless you did modeling tweaks after you posed her, i think you being a bit modest about that rig! :smiley: but your model is looking well developed and smooth! …the edge loops along her stomach kinna bother me, but i’m sure it’ll all be sorted out :thumbsup:

I can’t wait to see more! Cheers!


I hope to do a fine work.At the begining I didn’t realize how much work is to make something good. Is very hard but this is the fine part, I guess.

Thank you all for replay and comments, there are always welcome.

Best regards , Spire.


the girl model loos really good. could you pls post a sharper/clearer jpg?


I made 2 more characters 4 the challenge. Now I have a collection of 3/8(possibly 9) characters. More to come! :)) Haidi ba, baga!