Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Michael Harvey


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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): lighting adjustment, small details added.


This is my first idea of what I’d like to do. The bridge will change and become much more complex etc. Anyways, first concept. Cheers.


hey very cool that you made your pre viz in 3d! Might I suggest a slight camera change? it you move up and closer to the bridge you could make a more interesting composition. I’m thinking that your close to the bridge, it starts in the bottom left amd goes into the scene. does that make sence?



Yeah that makes sense, thanks for the idea! By the way, I actually painted that with a mouse! Took ages :confused:

Cheers :smiley:


Hi Gringer!sorry for the delay, I had completely overlooked I had a msg!
I like it and the comment about the camera is probably true. That’s a decision you can take later, anyway.
You will need lots of depth of field and I would suggest maybe a more, slightly unnatural sky? Although I haven’t read carefully the bit of the book about this, so maybe I’m wrong.
I like it because it’s futuristic but a bit close to reality and to earthly landscapes, so it’s sci-fi but anchored to reality and believable.
I’ll come and check the updates!


our first is already an advanced idea.

I didn’t no if you were jokking, if not you’re really skillful with your mouse.
The zorro of the mouse. :slight_smile:

Great start anyway.



hehe yeah after reading your post and looking at other peoples initial ideas, I think I should have started more simply. I got carried away creating it I guess. There shall be an update on the weekend.

Good luck everyone!

Cheers :smiley:


Here is an update of my idea. There is going to be a drastic lighting change as well as more refinement in the infrastructure. I think I’ll make the plasma beam like a ‘sun’ in that it is a primary light source. I think one or two more tweaks to this image then I’ll start on modeling.

Cheers :smiley:


Wow! Great concept and so much detaills . Good luck ! :thumbsup:



I’m really interested to see how you develop your idea.

Cheers :smiley:


I noticed your sketch is the only one to use the PLASMA TUBE. I’m working on some sketchs for the 6th chamber; I;m chapter 14th. This looks like it could be Thistletown. Good lcuk. :thumbsup:


Hey Michael,

Your sketch is looking good and I am sure this will help out with your modeling . Maybe you could hint at some terrain and buildings on the top part of the chamber behind the sky if you know what I mean, just a thought.
Good luck .




Yeah, that’s what I planned on doing… adding terrain and trees, building on to the curved wall in the background. Thanks for the comment!

Cheers :smiley:


I’ve added a coupling thing to the beam as well as vegetated the cylinder in the background. I will put much more time into the design of this coupling thingy. I’ll either do one more edition of this pic or I’ll start modeling now. There will be big lighting change as well as some other enhancments etc.



the changes look good. the coupling could use more detail, but the vision is coming together nicely.:thumbsup:


Thanks mate! :smiley:


I’ve made some of the basic forms to set up the framing of the shot. It’s all just rough to get an idea. I can envisage the renders for this taking a long time on my home pc, must upgrade later on. More soon.

Cheers :smiley:


hey gringer,

i’m not really a concept artist (although i’m trying…) but i do like to give critiques where i can. i know how hard and frustrating it is to enter these challenges and get hardly any help. you have to reach a kind of tenure/critical mass thing. i’ve only entereed one and i don’t got it yet.

i’m horrible at scenes, it truly is my weak point, but i think your scene lacks a center of interest. it seems like you are trying to draw the viewers eye back into the scene, but i think the two strong diagonals may be working against each other. its been years since i read the books and i’ve forgotten its name, but the center/sunlight tube is almost a distraction. i know its a central part of the brief, and i think you should use it, but it cuts across the composition and leads to nowhere (and it will also detract from the ground above it, i think). what i do like is the bridge pylon in the foreground. if i were to do anything i would make that more detalied and prominent/bigger and maybe move it a tiny bit towards the center (but not actually the center - midway between here and there). the bg area in the foreground is begging for a figure to break it up and give a sense of scale to the bridge. and i would consider curving the bridge, and that i think would make a more pleasing frame for the city buildings.

i know this is a simple concept drawing, but a couple of other things that may make it read better. use color intensity (saturation) and contrast to give a sense of depth. right now the sketch is all the same saturation and contrast (and value, really) try to vary it, have centers of interest more saturated and contrasty, then fade off with atmospheric effects and lighting. and remember, that plasma tube (ahaha got it!) will give you a great opportunity for dynamic shadows.

i hope that helps.



Hey thanks a million for that input. Really appreciate it. I can see your point with all of the things you’ve mentioned, especially with the opposing diagonals breaking up the composition. Thanks again mate!

Cheers :smiley:


Great start, and i agree with cleveland xhe have good advices for the compositing of your Final image.

comeback to see where it goes.