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I am entering this challenge a bit late I did not here about it until mid december 06. but hopefully better late than never.

here is the concept sketch for the 3D scene I am working on. I was motivated mainly by the description of the maltese cross that is the power source for the city. I was not at first sure what a maltese cross looked like but a little search on the internet and found that it is basically a cross with widened ends but it seems like it can take on many shapes. so I tried to come up with something that had those qualities. also like most matte and concept artists I inspired by the hudson river school painters such as bierstadt and church( fredrick) and wanted to experiment with a scene that had that type of lighting and feel but as a city scene. I am trying to model and light and get all the elements together but it will be tight since I had such a late start.



wow, that’s a super good idea/concept you’ve got there. Good luck with it man…not much time left!

Cheers :smiley:


I really like your start…good luck with the final!! :slight_smile:

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appreciate the feedback. rushing to put the 3d scene together right now we will see how it goes.

Matthew Dicks




the nice sketch,not much time left.get hurry


Here is the 3D scene so far still a bit more work to do




Gee, you are FAST :slight_smile:
Do You have time machine under your posession? :wink:

Good luck!



Really Nice Concept and equaly 3d counterpart ill be nice if u some more steps of the developing process :wise: cya and good luck


This is the progress of my scene up to date. It is a quick composite test. I still have A little more to add and some more tweaking of the lighting to do. Hopefully I will have time to add a bit of a camera move or some ships flying to the air. I am putting all my energy towards trying to pull this together in time but I will submit some progress renders and making of for the other milestones shortly.

This image is mainly inspired by the description of the maltese cross of axis city that is the power source for the city.



Just an update to the compositing. added some ships. Just a little bit more work to do to finish it off. hopefully I will have time to add a bit of animation.




Here is the final image. Barely had time to finish it. I was working on it right up until a few minutes ago. I will be uploading the animation part shortly.



FINAL IMAGE BARELY MADE IT BUT HERE IT IS. It is the maltese power grid mentioned in the book. The maltese cross shaped power structure powers the city. The corridor is also visible in the background and the singularity flaw is traveling throuth it.

Matthew Dicks








I Had trouble with the CGuploader it would not upload any files from my computer. So i have setup a link to my animation on my website


Please go there to view the animation of my scene

Matthew Dicks.


I Know the entries or done but I jus wanted to post this aditional view of the city that shows the city inside the corridor without all of the foreground that is in my final render.

also like I stated earlier I had trouble with the uploader to load my final video animation of my scene so instead I had to put it on my website. here


The video is right on the main page. It may take a little bit to open up when you first open the page but it will play so give it a minute.

I am not sure if anyone else had trouble with the uploader. It kept giving me an error when I tried to upload my video even though it was in the proper flv format and ratio and everything.
It was in the final hour of the challenge deadline so I didn’t have time to try to figure out what the problem was.
Hate having to take it down to the wire like that but I really was working on this 4-6 hours a day for the past 3-4 weeks being that I didn’t know about the challenge until the middle of December. I wore a cathedar so I didn’t have to take bathroom breaks ( just kidding).

Matthew Dicks




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