Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Mathias V


Your work is coming out very nice so far. I also just want to say I love your avatar! that is so creative


Thanks a lot Gary! I’m glad you find it interesting!


More structures! Low-poly, procedural textures and materials!


Your city plan is excellent and your procedural textures excellent too. There’s a really nice futuristic look about those stuctures


Hi Mark and thanks! I’m really glad you liked it so far!
Have a great week!


Some displaced vegetation! They will have to be rendered seperately!
Same shader (procedural), three versions with slight variations, each with different color!


Hey, i like your work on the procedural tree shaders, really nice! Curious to see how the final image is going to look like, good luck;)


Hi Johnny!
Thanks man, I’m glad you liked it! It’s an expensive render that way, but it sure looks
good! Unfortunately, most of the details won’t even show in the final movie, cause
I’m targeting sort of an “übersichtlich” look, as you would put it in german, but I might
find use for it in future work!
Keep rocking!!!


Trying to choose between two sorts for part two of the animation!

Go Christer, go!!!


Merry Christmas to everyone!


Still have to find a more efficient way to render and add tree layer and some dust/clouds layer! this will conclude the first part of the fli file, around 4 seconds.


This all looks so beautifully real. Your texturing is worth all the effort. I especially love that shot looking out of the Stone with the Earth outside. Now that’s something you don’t see every day! I wish I could offer some helpful suggestions but all I can offer is a bit of cheering. Good luck


Thanks Mark for the encouraging words and sincere offer! It really wamrs me up to
try to work harder and better!


Hi Varma!

You have here a really nice work… Any more updates???


Aaah, where have I seen that pacman head before? looks so familiar!
Hei mac and welcome! unfortunately the challenge has ended now, but I will send u a link
to the final animation sometime soon!
Be well!


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