Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Mathias V


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Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: Composition part 1


HI and good luck and lots of fun to everyone!


Modeling part.


Office and residential neighborhood!


Looks good so far, I like the bit around the tower. What area of the book are you taking your inspiration from?


Yay! The city is growing! I wish You good luck and may your models grow fast :wink:


Hello iNcurSioN and thank for the comment!
Actually, I haven’t yet been able to order the book, and I am a dedicated sci-fi fan!
So I decided to go for the description given at the main challenge page and start
from there, making it very rough and introductory. I intend to read the book at some
time and perhaps do some other renders later on!

Hi taavi; Thanks a lot man! Yes it’s growing fast and we have some major plumbing
problems! :sad:
I wish you luck too, you got a nice theme going on!


it sounds like a good concept here too ! have you an idea yet of the cam angle for your final shot ?

Keep it up mate ! :thumbsup:


Hi SweD and thanks for your comment!
I did a rough playblast at a very early stage just to make sure that it followed
my pencil sketch, but now that the modeling part is getting more detailed, I
think I might change the camera path to reflect some more on the buildings!
Could go for a max lenght (8 seconds)!


More buildings and environment!
Too bad, the electricians are on strike!
they want a swimming pool, on the roof!


That’s a nice city you have there i had sort of a similar design in mind but a little different(you will see what i mean when my concept sketch is done)

Keep up the good work:thumbsup:



heyy, nice architecture. looks natural.
good luck :thumbsup:



Here is the inside of the asteroid! The curvyness will ba more apparent when all objects are placed in. All textures and displacement are procedural for now. I wanted to make it look like it’s mostly a metal asteroid, but I guess I will have to tweek the shader some more and dampen the metallic effect.
Mental Ray render, no photoshoping, renertime 8 minutes, original file size at 800*600 was 1.5 meg.


Very nice plan for the city - good shader too, it looks a bit wet at the moment but definitely interesting. :slight_smile:


Hallais Gunilla and thanks for the headsup! I guess you’re right, I can see it now!
I was so preoccupied trying to get a metalic feel it came out all wrong! Better
fix it while the shader is still fresh!
Have a nice weekend!


Improved shader (imho), and reduced rendertime to 3 minutes. I hope it appears less wet now!

Ps: Thnx to G!


Hey Mathias!

I really like those city planning skills of yours. :thumbsup:
The new asteroid shader is an improvement. Keep up the good work.


Thanks Robert! I’m glad you liked it!
Good luck dude!

Some of the bigger structures in the scene!


Hey Mathias, looking forward to seeing what you come up with, since “Petal a Day” is absolutely magnificent – very beautiful. Cheers!


Thanks Eric and very nice of you to stop by!
I really enjoyed your poetic entry for “The journey begins” too, with all that vivid
colors and lovely forms! Not to mention the article about command line rendering
and other useful tips!