Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Maciej Frolow


Finally an update… some small changes here… I added a window… it looks not bad… more to come… Notice the background, this will be close to the final look with some transparencies to see the city in far below.


I’m glad you’re still working on those sharpness changes it really is making massively great changes to your flaw ship. Can’t wait to see your texturing on it!


Nice! I’m diggin the extra little stuff your adding!



Bergquist - thanks alot for the comments and support, yes small details will help to see the scale… but I will see if its necessary after texturing... Im figthing between adding details and leaving smooth nice organic surfaces…

aurora - thank you, the texturing is coming soon :slight_smile:


move forward my firend! go, go go :buttrock:
I’m desperate to finish this challenge, and hope to see you there at the end as well :slight_smile:
and of course with some masterpiece:twisted:
good luck, I’ll be watching


Back on track once again… here is a rought model of the city which can be seen in far below under the ship. I will not go too much in detais… I will create a module which I will replicate… with few layers of clouds there will be not too much to see of the city.


My friend hurry up!
city looks nice when I look at it from the distanc, should do it’s role.
Waiting for some bigger updates!
good luck


I really like the looks of your flawship. To save modelling time, you could keep the model of the seventh chamber and its contents relatively simple, hiding the lack of detail with a lot of motion blur. Remember that in the Phantom Menace, ILM was able to use coloured Q-tips for the crowds in the stands when the podracers were zooming by them. I think that your flawship can easily serve as the main focus of your image and animation, and you can get away with blurring out the background.

Best of luck to you!


arturro - thanks my friend… you know how it is work and christmas rush are not good to find the time to work on challenges and personnal projects. But I will anyway spend the last 15 days on finishings to have something enough good to show and close the challenge. I`m not expecting anything else like to have a nice image in my portfolio :shrug:
To win contests there is need alot of free time…

vmulligan - thanks alot for the advice, yes it will be a background which will be shown at high speed… and a little lower when the wings will be depolyed. As a limitation of time only the ship will be on focus… all the other things will be just as far environments.


I imagined that the singularity beam must generate also some great energy effects… some kind of aurora borealis. So I have this twisted element which is textured to have all the dark parts transparent. Moved at hi-speed it will be a nice background for my animation and final image.


This wave looks awasome
Singularity craft is also outstanding. Much progress in this challenge
Good luck with animating it (do you want to animate both???)


Next step the environment, I think this is what I expected for the colors. I will now work on the city in the background and add it soon.

I have also refined the cockpit of the ship, it`s now divided in sevral parts and I think we now see the scale of this huge ship.

More to come! C&C are welcome!


Here you have the map I`m using for the 7th chamber cities texture and a view from above insde the cylinder. It will serve as background for my ship. You can see also the energy fields from the singularity. Next step will be some final touches and setting up of the simple animation.


I need an advice, is the unblurred background version enough readable?
Im thinking if I have to show the city in far background clear or blurred. By using a focus on a camera it maybe blurred but we have a big distances here so... Then at final I dont know what will works best.

Anyway, you can see here a color test of the ship, I think it`s verry close to a final vesion.


Hi there my friend!
I see you finally did something here :slight_smile: my opinion:

  1. city looks really great from the top
  2. I don’t like the big ray, it takes too much of the picture in my opinion. It focuses my attention too much.
  3. I prefer not blurry version of the background, but you should try to blur it slightly. For sure not too much :slight_smile:

best wishes and good luck!


Hmm… The first try doesn’t quite read as ground. I’m not sure if it’s the blur that’s the problem. The fact that the ground is on the inner surface of a cylinder works against everyone, of course, but maybe the map could use some tweaking. Maybe you could try downloading some random satellite maps from Google maps and using motion blurred versions of those to supplement the ground you painted… You might also want to try for a streakier, motion-blurred appearance instead of just a Gaussian blur. Just suggestions, of course. And I don’t mean to sound critical of your work; I think it’s a great image that just needs some tweaking on the background.

The ship looks terrific. I might subdue the colours a bit, and tone down the cyan, but these are all just little post-rendering tweaks. Great work. Keep plugging away.

A small addition:
Looking at it again, maybe the image just needs a darker background, to draw more attention to the singularity and to the ship. You might want to try a variation like that. Up to you, of course. Good luck!


This is something closer to what I want… it needs some twekings and of course some mappings on the ship like numbers or verry small elements. For the background I think it will work well in the animation and will just need few enhancments for the still image… I still dont know how all this looks animated so Ill render a preview this night.


arturro - thanks my friend for this comments.

  1. thx
  2. you have to deal with the ray, it must be here and shine :deal: I made it a little softer in my last image, maybe a little less flashing now…
  3. in my last pic the blur is really small I`m dealing with what is said in the book (verry hi speed, blurred fast passing towns) and my own feeling to show what is far below :shrug:

vmulligan - thanks for the comment, I followed your advice about the map, it looks better I think, especially by adding grey regions and some lakes…
I also made a little darker background, it works better…
For the colors im still fighting with them :D Ill probably post few version for forum judgemt hehe


Your ship looks great . I think you could blur cties and landscape to give some sense of speed Some motion blur will do!!


Looking better and better. I’m so jealous only a week to go and I have not had more then a couple minutes to work on mine at all. Hope you manage to do better with finishing then me I love all the work you have put in