Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Maciej Frolow


Lovely bit of tuberider design! Thanks!


Thank you verry much for your comment Mr Greg Bear, glad to read you like my design :slight_smile:


A small update… the air brake is fully deployed. I added some details and I made few changes to the front but I`m still unhappy with it…

Any comments about that warmly welcomed.


First off man, love your models so far. Personally I’d be content with how the front looks but its your art. Just an outside idea not even suggestion, maybe taking the elliptical designs on the corners and extending them out to be claws reaching down to within inches of the beam. Will take out the “squareness” and maybe even accentuate the elegent design as you put it of the ingenious air break system. But just an idea to help ya as I really dont see major flaws with the front end. Lovin it.


Wow, man, it’s just amazing. Really love your work, very clean and futuristic.

Keep on working, it’s really beutifull.


Amazing!!! The detail is incredible. Great job!

Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:



Vicktorious - thx alot for your kind words :slight_smile: I still thinking how to improve the front and some ideas starts to arrive… I like the idea of claws… I hope to have soon some time to make the changes.

targus - thank you :slight_smile:

TheSoracle - thx, I`ll try to keep this quality :slight_smile:


Now the front looks a little better… I will make few improvments, finish the rear and start to work on the texturing.


The increased edge sharpness on the front does wonders in making it look alot better! I agree adding edge sharpness in select other parts will make it better yet. Just don;t get carried away and sharpen everything, you’ll loose that great organic look!


Finally some texture… I will try to make all this ship made of some kind of metal but looking like pearl texture. The environnment will be mostly blue as I suppose there will be some atmosphere there where my ship will travel.


Very hitech and organic modelling :slight_smile:
Do you plan to add even more details via bump channel?
Good luck!


aurora - thx for the comment, I`m trying to keep the overall organic look and not refining too much some parts.

taavi - thank you for your comment, yes I will probably add some small details by using bump maps.

I finally modified the front and the result is better than I expected, all this part looks round and dynamic :slight_smile:


cant wait to see the whole piece together! great models.


wow! Last updating, is unreal amazing!))) super! :buttrock:


:eek: Stunning work, love the curves. :drool:
Good luck.:smiley:


DanBird, ArsXC, Slav - thanks alot for the kind words :bounce:


Interesting ship.

One crit. I don’t think the “pearl” texture really helps it. It almost looks similar to the default material that you had on it before. Perhaps this can be improved.


At last! I’m here :twisted:

I love your organic style of modelling. Similar to GSO one. Great in it’s uniqueness.
I also like the idea that is behind this ship. The way it works :slight_smile: I only dont like one
thing. I can’t feel the scale of it. Perhaps it’s because lack of textures, but i found two elements which removed could help… here [color=White]you can see what I mean. Left circle points strange fold. It seems too big for me and rather useless if not disturbing the crew. You may try to remove it. I think that cockpit would be better noticeable. Second circle points frames of the wondows. I think they are also too thick and they stay too far from the window. In my opinion ot could work better thinner and more composed into glass, like in today’s fighters, ot WW2 fighters. Still, these are only hot thoughts, those ideas may occur useless if you texture the ship:) still, I’m counting on you and hope you will finish this in flying colours.

best wishes mate!

ps. Hope to also show something within days :slight_smile:


Hello arturro,

Thank you for the kind words and for the comment. Youre right about the scale. I was thinking about a really big ship where the glass part have about 2m of high. But by adding recently this frame which makes the cockpit looking like from WW2 I introduced a misunderstanding for the scale... I have to rethink this part and modify it to look bigger... maybe by adding other windows somwhere else... well see… now my biggest “problem” is how to approach the texturing of this ship… I was thinking to make it like its made "in one piece" so no metal plates, no jonctions etc... so it will look more organic... but... :shrug: Im still thinking…

Hope to see your entry soon with great art & modeling inside :thumbsup: and best wished to you too!


This is lookin really smooth! I’m diggin this organic feel you have!Idea - I have to say, used in the right places, pieces latching on can be a better use of visually dividing spaces and scale… just like how your wind breaker pieces (the four parts that fold out ward, I think thats what you called em…) attach to the ship, well some of those organic in and out parts could attach as well… small details like latching arms, nuts&bolts, things of this nature really help give a sense of scale, and right now there isn’t a lot

But your ship Rocks! Rardcore! I’m really wanting to see where you go with this!

[font=Verdana]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully as soon as I get some work finished you’ll have a look and let me know what you think. Cheers Mate! :thumbsup: [/font]