Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Maciej Frolow


Next step, the engine with its rotative elements. I`m thinking about some electrical arcs between them, as the elemets will rotate this can be an interesting effect to show.


Nice concept Nomad, the model looks good so far. People that enter more than one challenge are crazy!:slight_smile:

Good luck!


Now the air breake. This element will look nice when deployed. I`m still thinking about putting it as a wing always deployed but aerodynamics…


SNoWs - thank you for your comment :slight_smile: and yes people entering in more than one challenge are crazy :argh: I entered in two :smiley:


…more details.


Well, that’s looking really cool, can’t wait to see it textured, crazy dude. :wink:


The model is looking nice! Very organic :thumbsup:

What prog are you using, Zbrush? Or a meshsmoothed poly in max? Could you post some wires later :wink: ?

Let’s see how the texturing turns up, cheers!


SNoWs - thx, there will not be too much texturing, I want to add as much as possible modeled elements. As always to reach millons of polygons :smiley:

amz23 - thank you for your comment, Im using modo for modeling and LW for render. Ill post some wires later today.


just some wires…



I tried modo202 the other day, I liked many things about it, however I’m not sure how do you handle this: does it have some kind of radial or planar symetry option? I ask this because of your model’s geometry, at least the top is equal to the bottom and the right side to the left one, do you have to model/push/pull geometry independently each time? Just a question :slight_smile:

The model is progressing nicely, let’s see how it turns with more detail :smiley:


amz23 - thanks for the comment
Yes modo have basic symetry options (x,y,z) but if you look closer my model is not equal on top/bottom. Its only equal on left/right sides. Modo is a powerful tool, it can create everything but that not means that its not still some work to do for the artist :smiley:


I`m showing here that the wings are not completely attached to the body of the ship, this will be clear when I will make it animated.


looking great so far. I expect a lot more details in it the way you’re going at it! Would like to see it textured later :slight_smile:

Those wires are also very impressive. Nice moddeling!

keep up the good work.


I have been following the progress of your Flaw Ship becuase I absolutely love the organic look you are giving it. The details in it are spectacular as well. Each new update is truely inspirational to me, making me want to say screw it to all those things keeping me from my own entry. Bravo to you!


Whoa. Complex design but still looks awesome. Keep up the great work Nomad!!! :thumbsup:

I will follow this thread to watch your progress on this crazy ship.


ManAndDog - thank you, the details will come soon :slight_smile:

aurora - thx, glad to read you like my work :slight_smile:

TheSoracle - thank you :slight_smile:


Detailing the air breake…


First render test and I see directly that I have to remodel all the front and far rear elements to fit the elegant shape of the airbreake which I like alot.


Very nice design dude.


I still not like the front, it looks too square for me :confused: I have to see if more details will help, if not I will have to remodel all this part.