Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Maciej Frolow


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Ok let`s try this one too :smiley: good luck to all :bounce:

It`s a really good oportunity to make some nice images :scream:


good luck to you too, and much fun as well!


Witam, witam!
Hope we both will be here at the end with nice pieces of art:arteest:
good luck!

and hope you will pull both challenges:) respect!


Hi arturro, thanks for the support.

For the illustration part I`m planning to make a nice image but without too much work on it, something light and clean and not surcharged with tons of elements.

For the 3d scene I`m still thinking about a view of the asteroid from outside more than on inside… do you think it have sense?

BTW bede w Krakowie 3 dni na targach ksiazki, moze sie spotkamy na piFku? :deal:


hello! just visiting people that i met at the journey begins challenge… ^___^


Hey Nomad ! Good to see you here man :bounce: . Let’s rock on this one. Good luck budy :thumbsup:


Nice to see you again - POWODZENIA


Nothingness - thank you

ragdoll - glad to meet you again

scootermaya - hey man, nice to see you here too and good luck U2

fgdf - a witam, good luck and have fun


hehe fun in all dimensions ^^ good luck with this one too, have fun and let it rock! :slight_smile:


TheFirstAngel - thank you, I know that I can finish both challenges, I just have to not make too big scenes with too much to model or paint :smiley: question of self discipline :banghead:

I`m planning to work on the seventh chamber with a focus on modeling of odd vegetation… is there somebody who read the book and can tell me if there is any descriptions of it?? what kind of vegetation it is? I suppose an alien looking one yes? :curious:

By advance thank you for any info.


As a start I will show how to create a chamber. I`m sure many people will create one for themselves so why not to help them if I can…

After I will go back to the concept sketch step.

I started with a grid of 70x120 polys. In Photoshop I painted a displacement map with some clouds and sat views. This allows to extract a terrain from it.


… after this I just bent at 360degrees the grid and… it`s done.

Now there is many ways to refine the quality of the “ground”. By procedural mappings or by making a larger grid at starting the cylinder modeling.

Hope it helps someone.


Thanks for the quick Tutorial Nomad, I’ll give that technique a blast when i begin modelling.


Hello Nomad, great start :slight_smile: I’ll be watching you work closely.


Pfff after a long break due to an enormous amount of work I`m back on track… or on the way haha.

For the 3d model I decided to create my own version of the ship the heroes use to travel the way at the end of the book.

This ship will be something like a solar sailer with many details which I hope you will enjoy to see modeled.
The animation will show how the ship travel the way at high speed.


claudio_jordao - thank you for the support :slight_smile:

DanielWalsh - thanks, glad to read it could help you


First some details of the front with some start on a cockpit but I will probably make it more detailed than a simple glass surface.


very kewl design. somehow reminds me an armless squid ^^ hehe bout timing and level of detail, i shall remember your words when the deadline kicks my butt, lame me in all 3 as well :stuck_out_tongue:
lets rock it all the way then, looking forward to your next update! :beer::buttrock::wip:


TheFirstAngel - thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: Ill post an update today, Im finishing modeling the engine part.

I just realised that you started in all the three categories, you have my respect :bowdown:
Good luck in all the three categories :thumbsup: