Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


Hey!where´s the wonderful finished piece, eh??!!:scream:

Come on!!:applause: :applause:


no idea if i could manage this piece on time, but here you see the layers…


a close up of the cloud particles.


…but without vehicle and patricia.


If Eon were to be made into a movie, actors would play the characters, and CGI would be used for the settings. I think it was a good idea on your part to focus on the setting instead of on rendering the character. The image looks very impressive. Congratulations!


vmulligan: hey thanks and sorry, the rest will follow, its not final yet;)


After some upload troubles i were going upload my entry, but “challenge is closed”:beer:



man, this is what you get when working too tightly to the deadline man.
Did you even got the animation finished?

You can always get it finished and post it at the 3d stills. And get it in your portfolio or so.
Would be a waste to let all the 4 months of work go to waste.

i feared for the scenario.

but great entry non the less.



As Nico said, you can post in 3d still but…pfff…3 month challenge and upload troubles at the last day…it really really sucks man.
Anyway, you’re a great modeler/texturer, and i’ll sure we will see soon that you’re a great animator.

I particulary love your work on details from scratch, and this entry stay one of the best here for me.

respect man.



Hi JohnnyM,

i hope youll still finish your project… ive been looking forward for that.

My Eon Project


That would be a waste if a front runner won’t be there at finish. I’m sure they will talk it over and you’ll be there. So have everything done and ready! I’m counting on you. Really pro results.
My congratulations:thumbsup:


sheesh! NO WAY!! You have to be in :love: Well I’m still looking forward to the final image regardless! It’s been fun following your thread and I hope you won’t give up now and will post it!:thumbsup:


hey…thanks for the great support, i wont give up, i mean, the stuff were finished already, but where the hell should i uploaded it? Mibus said in the FAQ that the server are 12 - 24h open after deadline, but i still cant uploaded it, maybe i should send them via e-mail??


i have contacted Mibus via mail, so maybe there is a little, little chance because the 24h after deadline is not over yet, that would be great, if not then i will try to post the works in this thread.

And a big thank to Vietemotion who helped me to transfer my video file into flv, because the riva encoder put out weird green videos!


Uuuh, let us know how will U submit your pic and animation!!
I am just finishing my animation and i’d like to upload mine asap too!


i send it directly to mibus hahahaa, i hope he will not be too angry about this:blush: i tried the whole day to find another way but everything is closed.


Well, i did the same :slight_smile:


Can U upload your animation somewhere and share a link?


yeah:beer: so lets hope it works! I’m curious to see your final work!


okay i going to upload it, will take some minutes!