Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


wow! truly youre a perfectionist when it comes to details… just wonderin if your going to rendered this in 8k? if this possible:thumbsup:


yow yow yow

looking good. I hope you’re gonna have more luck with rendering then me. I’ll have to think of something fast or i’m toast. Yesterday while i was at work - as today - i let both comps render the background for the animation. After 13 hours when i got home, not a single frame was finished :banghead: Something seriously wrong with mental ray i maya 8.5.

anyway, i think you start a little open discussion with blackdidthis and that other dude that sead on his thread something about procedurals not being able to get a realistic look.

Since i know you hardly use textures, you are the proof to prove otherwise.

cheers and see ya tomorrow or something


@ Intervain: yeah youre right - as always:cool: looks a bit like ice, i’ll better this out, thanks!

@ chandro: thanks! Its gonna be 10k actually;)

@ Nico: thanks dude! Open discussion? I have no time for such things hahahaa, they can say what they want to - 90% of my textures are created by procedurals and it works quiet well;)


Linh I am VERY, VERY sorry for spamming your thread for my own reply…

But I have to state that I have not said anything such in my thread…
Please take the time to better read the post Nico.
I stated that I had problems and that it was VERY bad news, since those very shaders were most of my shaders for Thistledown.

The other person you are reffering to must be Tim.
At the moment he is having some expectable difficulties with his texturing from fast/simple solutions

[color=lemonchiffon]That said…[/color]
Your work is amazing and very inspiring… even though it is a big puzzle for us to be able to put together, each and every puzzle piece has it’s own attraction.

As for your textures… I know very few that have made to such quality with procedurals. I think I am an in-between man; hence I use as many file textures as procedurals.
[color=lemonchiffon]And the discussion… there is NO discussion… there is only experience and personalities.[/color]

[color=white]BEST of luck…[/color]
I am growing very curious of what is to pop out of this thread!



yeah, well, i misread and formulated my statement wrongly!
sorry for that. Shi[ happens when you get disturbed during sleep.
so chear up and let’s keep this challenge fun. I just don’t like
agressive posts.

best to just ignore me!
call me a malfunctioning dmap if you must!

ps. Linh, are you gonna add the rain effect - the thing with the cloth - to this part too? Or do you think it would be an overkill? Depending on the way your previous object and this one comes together, it might be needed.

and sorry for the reactions (that’s why i don’t drink coffee) i hope i will be ignored after this.



@ Black and Nico:

no problem, keep cool, the time is short, the deadline is close - we better work:bounce:

about the rain: yeah i try to add another quicker method to the background objects, we ll see;)


:hmm: wow, your eye for detail… very very impressive.
Haven’t seen all the other threads yet, but I must say… I’ll certainly track this one.

Furthermore I’ve really been able to learn some things all the way through your process, thanks. Next to that, your process looks very clean, no comments on that and I’m sure you’ll make the deadline!

Good luck for the latest pieces, cheers


This is very good.The nice details and Rain looks very real.The parts of construction also impressional .Good luck,I hope the next update.


man the building looks awesome, like some of these in final fantasy 7, very cool:D

btw: i hate you:D brother stop being so good!


quick update: unfished but nearly complete, i have to add lot of objects which are finished but not added to the vehicle yet, then working on some shaders.


quick update: here you see the foreground, the boxes von the road stands for patricia and her vehicle, in the background (not rendered yet) you are going to see the chamber with machines etc.


these already rendered at 10K ? How about the detail?

hope you have enough time left for the animation man.



no dude, just a cheap preview without details and lights, 3 minutes rendertime:twisted:


oh, godthanks for that

i was almost gonna post it sucked :twisted:

weren’t ya gonna try the spherical perspective to create a super panorame?

looking at the main contruction in the front, it’s alright. But then the objects look a little too misformed. Not really perspective. It might come out less obvious, but are you planning anything for that?



no not really, this distortions are natural if you are using short focus lenghts, its a must, otherwise i cant cover all the models into one shot you know…

the final scene will be covered from hundred thousands of plants, vines, dirts and stones, this is just a simple rendertest;)



but with a real lens and a short focal distance, you get more bended lines instead of sheared ones. I know it’s not easy to do, and i woudn’t want to try it in maya, but maybe c4d has an easy way or so.

Nevertheless, it will be awsome man.

just trying to help


here you see the final format of my entry, its extremely wide, but i need this to show all the stuff i ve done. And sorry for the stupid question marks, but i have to put it all together right now.


starting to look sweet with al the vegitation man.
how many pixels high were you gonna render this in?
i hope patricia will have enough detail cause it would
be a shame to loose al the detailed work you’ve put
into it.



Hard to tell what’s what really with the small render - looking forward to the big picture :scream: Hope all that hard work and detail you’ve put into the character will not be lost here!


Hope that You manage to finish it soon!

This is a really great entry at it would be a real loss if You cannot finish it before deadline…