Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


So good mate. You’re so good.

How long have you been doing CG for?

Cheers :smiley:


thanks mate! Approx. 5 years, i have drawn and painted a lot before i began with 3D.


WOW! Amazing linh! I´m glad I made it as far as i have, but I understand i have a long way to go, before i reach your level. Stunning work i must say.

I´ve been drawing for some years, but stopped some years ago. Never got the real hang of it though, but maybe I should start again… helps the creativity, and it´s a bit fun too.

But again, amazing work. Hope you get it all done untill the deadline, which is now extended. YAY!



haven’t been here awhile and it’s great to see you’ve got some sweet stuff done! Like the boots :slight_smile: Don’t like her clothes but that’s just because I hate the colours as well as the patterns… personal preference :slight_smile:
you’re clever you - showing that chamber so sparingly! I is wanting more :curious::twisted::wip:


just a quick update from the skin, big updates of the environment will follow soon!


ah man, this looks awfull

i mean, how can you actually post this stuff.

it doesn’t even look like it’s 3d. It’s way too real to be 3d!
Then why don’t you just make a big maquette and do it through photography?
But i think you’ll find a camera that can make a 10k image rather expensive,

so maybe i could understand why you do it this way.

anyway, just joking (it’s the alcohol kicking in :twisted: )

seen my little last post freund?



quick update, working on some shaders with wet look, here you see a shader for the roads.


another quick update, this time with rain and water splashes and a close up of the concrete shader.


Hey Linh,

Your character work is awesome , really great stuff. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I really am looking forward to the scene that they are going into , the rainy roadway looks cool. Good luck with this.


damn… you’re not normal :bounce:
I have no idea how you can achieve such results :slight_smile: well, when you win you;ll have to write a big making off so I’m waiting for that as well as for you final image.


nice work on the shader johnny… im also doing some shader one for the chamber but it not displacing on the big scene with the big chamberwhen i import it… using renderman the shader was develop in maya… what render are u using? did u run with this kinda problem ?


Your work is stunning. We can only sit in awe as we hope to see the finished product soon. If the unfinished images are this amazing…I can’t wait till the finished project.


wowwwwoooooooowww, this looks great!

what is it?

just joking
good you added the detail. I guess you’ll see it better in a 10k res. I hope it renders fast enough for the animation.



just insane ! :scream:



Insane-thats the right word…
I just dont comprehend how You manage to render it all in high resolution??
If Uwin’ ill excpect high-end tutorial too !! :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Hello johnny, keeping the mystery until the end ahm!? :slight_smile:
It’s all looking great my friend, your work is really really good… but c’mon, hurry up, and show us the all thing.


here you see a extreme close up of the wet road. The final pic is going to be rendered in 10k (maybe higher), so you ll able to see every details clearly.


THANKS to everybody, sorry i cant reply each of you personally, the deadline is close you know!

@ claudio: Actually, i dont want to keep it mysteriously, but my workflow is a bit chaotic, i m working on a lot of parts, and now, i have to put it all together!


yes,yes put it all together! :bounce:

looking great [the asphalt feels more like ice to me now :shrug: but still’s looking great!] Love the skin closeup!:buttrock:


quick update: you see here some small spots of the machine city. In the final image in will be a complex landscape full of industry stuff and machines, rain, smoke etc. will added soon;)