Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


thanks a lot everybody, that gives me motivation!

@ qqmaximus: i will post a textured profil as soon as possible, in the next coming days, this was just a simple planar texture projection.

@ Crin: yeah, i’m also a fan of her hehehe:D

@ hatamoto: of course, i will tell you something about my modeling process:

I use a lot of photo reference, for the Milla model, i have a folder with 120 photos. I map profil photo and a front photo in the background and model poly by poly.
During the modeling process i always switch between different profil and front photos, to be sure, the model will look like the real Milla, and not just Milla on a specified photo.
From my Milla folder, there are always some photos opened, i compare them with my model in the persp view.
In some distinctive parts like the eyes, lips and nose, i model poly per poly, in other areas like cheek or forehead, i subdivide big polys with the knife loop tool into smaller polys, but it’s important that you always follow your planed edge flow.
Then i map a photo texture with planar projection to the face, so i can see in the perp view, if my edges match the contours of the face on the photo reference, if not, i can move some edges through the texture, because its not sticky, until the whole model will match perfectly with the reference.

I think this is a simple way to create a model in a really short time;)


very nice man!!
love the Milla! :love:

Good Luck!


a question:

at first i planed to mix the Milla mesh with some other actresses to create an own character, but now i like to build the pure Milla model into my scene. Do you guys thinks that would be possible or are there any copyright etc. problems?


I don’t think so, as long as you don’t use it commercially.Besides you are doing a real piece of art ,it’s a homage(well deserved;Milla is a icon in the SF movie industry) and free promotion to her,too.


yeah, that sounds plausible, so i can put my mind at rest, thanks for answering!


I don’t think there will be any copyright type problems… I dunno if the rules state anything about basing characters on real life people, I hop not cos I was planning on using by own pictures as reference images. :smiley:


Milla is an icon of nothing, except for baddests SF movies ever.
She’s empty, cold, not sexy and damn, she can’t even act correctly.
And what will be your choice for Jack? another pearl like , i guess; Keanu Reeves? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck anyway, you seem to have a good skill on modeling.


Milla isn’t sexy? Are you sure you are hetero? :smiley:


I really love the idea of having Milla in your scene. This is really good idea. Good luck with the work. Are you only putting one character into your scene?



i will put some characters into the scene, but milla will get the focus;)


today there’s nothing to see, only a progress report:

as you can see in the previous WIP post, the Milla model is not accurate yet, there are a lot of things to improve, in fact this is the most difficult face i ever worked on, because Milla’s face is so clean and flawless, a ugly orc will be much easier;)

The thing is to create an exact model what looks like Milla EVEN without any shaders and textures, a perfect replica. On the previous milestone the model just look like Milla because there is a phototexture applied to it, but in the final version there will be no phototextures, because i think this method is too cheap, my goal is to recreate a real human with CG, from there such things like phototextures are out of place.

At this moment, the model looks much better than the one on the milestone, i will post the next milestone in the next coming days. In addition i will make Milla a bit older than on the last milestone where she is 21 i think (fith element), my model will look like the current Milla (30).

see you later!


You shouldnt be so hard on yourself for critiquing :stuck_out_tongue: It already looks awesome. Keep up the great work Linh, its amazing as is.


hehe Milla will do the trick :slight_smile:


after 3 days hard work, here is the next milestone. I have improved the model, it wasn’t easy to create a clean mesh but with distinctive details so that everybody can indentify the character as Milla. The poly amount increases from 1092 to 1900 polys. I put a texture into a shader with subsurface scattering, dispersioned reflections and rendered with GI, the face is only illuminted by the HDR-maps. The resuls looks nice, but is far away from finish, i will create fine shape details, pores and small wrinkles with zbrush later.


hello johnnymaster,
the model looks very nice, maybe the nose is a littel bit too big, but the rest seems to be ok.
when i look at the textured version the texture looks a bit blurry.
keep up you good work :).


Great work on Milla so far, should turn out great. Keen to see more concept!


Very interesting start ! :thumbsup: waiting for your composition, good luck!:thumbsup:


thanks guys!

@ MacAndre: yeah you are right, i have to improve the model further, this is just the basis for the Zbrush sculpting. The texture is truly too blury, the resolution is not very high, but in the final version there will be no phototexture, simply for testing this time.

@ abaddon: concepts will definitely follow, i’m just waiting for the book, furthermore, i’m a very lazy drawer, but this time i’ll give me a kick;)


nice johnnymaster, greetings from another johnny, this time in Hildesheim :slight_smile:

I think that the air-sled is first mentioned in the third chamber, being ridden by Mirsky. Good luck I think you are on a good track …


thanks a lot for the info johnny!