Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


Linh always on the run ! i’m really curious to see the finished vehicle, and of course the finished scene.
You’ve got freat skill in landscape equal to the caracter modeling, it’s really interesting to follow your work. :thumbsup:

and of course, wish you an happy new year dude !


Wow! You sure know your stuff! Thanks for the fantastic information. It is fascinating


wow man !
early stage or not your scene looks just great ! i can’t whait to see it finished
good luck man , and a happy new year !


quick update, not finished, i’m on the seams and stitches now!


@ swed: yeahyeah, i know, always on run in case of the vehicle hehehe, but be patient, i’m working on it in the next coming days, the vehicle is the most difficult part, cause of the complex design. Anyway, thanks a lot, good luck further on and happy new year mate!

@ mdavid: thanks a lot!

@ Andrei: thanks! Happy new year too dude, i’ll check out your thread later!


eek! double post from update/edit.


Its been forever since I have been here.

Yet again you have proved my two theories Linh :scream:

You have too freaking good and you have WAY too much too XD.

Don’t worry, I still love your work. It is too good… Great job on the work so far, too bad I have been gone so long I could not see all of the updates.

Anyway, keep up the awesome work, time to crack down and WORK!!! The challenge is nearly over!

Happy new year!

  • Steven


ahahahaha i was freelancing and back now to discover you simply had way too much time ^^ :scream: rofl! yayness weeeee ness and all the nesses i can think off, happy new year and concrats on the sickest 3d job i seen around on the challenge from the beginning ^^ you kept up the level kept up the sickness and i simply cant wait to see it all come together. keep on rocking mate and looking forward to see your final piece man! go go go! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


The latest rendering looks great. You did an especially nice job wrinkling the different pieces in order to show through modeling that they are made of different materials. That kind of attention to detail is what makes scenes believeable. Keep it coming man!


Making a quick stop to your thread. :slight_smile:

Technically impressive! :bounce:

The oufit isn’t really doing it for me, however. I don’t know, but those pants remind me of those funky patterned baggy pants that those gym dudes use to wear back in the '80-'90s. :smiley: I think the pants would look better if they didn’t have so many small dots. I do like the camouflage though.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the better entries here. I hope to see this one finished on time. You can do it Linh! :bounce:


@ Steven: thanks man! Too bad you couldnt continue your work! Anyway, i’m in a big time trouble right now, but at this final phase its always the same, so i expected that.

@ Angel: hehehe, yeah, maybe you r right and i’m going to far this time hahaha, but i’m going to finish this piece, even if i’ll land in the hospital after the 15th;)

@ leving: thanks a lot;)

@ jedi: these dots are the hints from the rain droping on the fabric;) thanks and good luck!


quick update, a close up of the pant!


Great detail,

maybe if you have time after the challenge, you could try the 30k render :twisted:

like when you’re on a holliday or so HAHHAHAHHA



next quick update, Patricias final boots. I’ve spend lot of time on these pieces. They come with dust and dirts, water and polygonal stitches - rendered with GI.


Great work, what do you have left to do?


Nice work Linh, I can’t wait to see what kind of composition you have in mind.


man this is da bomb!! i love your shoe design, and you know i know a lot about shoes, bitch!

btw: greetz from attack, your childhood love:D


Definately of the most impressive entries yet…

My wife and I simply loved the detail of diret between the tires.
Even though I am not too sure on how much of it will show in the render, I am a firm believer that hard work and attention to details rarely fails in presenting a masterpiece.

Like everybody else I am simply in amazement to the amount of wrok you have put in to a finalising image.

My ONLY comment would be the amount of descriptions that simply are not according to the story… at least not as I would expect from somebody with your attention to such an amount of work.
And well this HAS been covered and you HAD stated that you saw this competition as an oppertunity to do a variaty of things, such as modeling out [color=white]Mila… to be frankly honest, I think you have done a VERY good job… and I am looking forward to the rest of the developments :thumbsup:.[/color]


Ps: I had seen it done before… but never thought of going for seperating the eyes in the UV lay out (Seam fear)…
Tonight I remodified my completed mesh (suicide) and went for your method… thanks so much for the heads up… Lets see if I manage to texture it seamlessly enough :slight_smile:


oh yes, Mila is sexy, true :drool: your is nearly as good as real one :twisted:
But anyways, your work is unbelievable, what to say more.
You are a PRO and that’s it. My congrats!


at first: hey guys, whats that? If you click on submit entry, you see there are 21 days left

how can that be?


(Mibus:) The cutoff is the end of the 31st of January* (* The deadline has been extended, as we realise that many people are only just returning from Christmas and New Years breaks)


@ xtitan: thanks: the vehicle, the whole 6th chamber and some final tweaks on the character!

@ snows: thanks man! You ll see my composition soon!

@ songül: thanks and best regards to moritz:twisted:

@ black: thanks a lot for you detail posting. In fact, with the final rendering i’m not able to capture all the details, because i have create the whole chamber, so the whole work is only visible on the video rendering, on the illustration you can just see the character, the vehicle and a very small spart of the background. I the challenge time is really extended to the 21.01 that would be great!

Good luck on your UVs and the overall project!

@ arturro: thanks a lot hehehe! But i’m not a PRO yet:cry: