Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


hey mate ! this is getting better and better . can’t bealive it
if Pat looked great till now this is …super great :bounce:…:eek:

i’m now whaiting to see her in the scene.
cheers !


Nice work! I’ll be following your progress closely. The resemblence of your female is uncanny and I must say that the water displacement is really well done! I do think you don’t have to cut up the uv’s like you do, unless you are texturing in Z or Deeppaint or anything like that ofcourse… In any case, you work hard and it shows, wish I had the time to participate, maybe I should just quit my job for a few months and finish all the personal stuff I’ve got lined up. Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, smashing work man!


long time since my last reply - sorry!

I’m working hard on the environment right now, it has to be as detailed as the character and due some hardware problems i couldnt render it out completely, i hope this will solve today or tomorrow, so i can make some renders for you guys!

Thanks for your many posts and commendations!


Looking forward to it.

Keep at it, you’re doing great!


still no word of the ram?



I’m impressed
I’m not sure how do you want to stylish whole image but I think The skin looks kinda “rocky”
You can still improve shader or composition (SSS f.e. maybe AO mixing)
Waiting for next updates


Hey Linh. C’mon man…only 15 days left! Hurry, we need to see this one finished!


dont worry dude, i have a lot to show, wait until i’ve picked up my ram on tuesday, then i’m able to render these things out;)


some vehicle stuff - there are a lot more to show, but wait til next week when i get new RAM. The hardest thing to render are the 10 mio. dirt n dust particles on the surfaces, these dirts arent just shaders, but really volumetric.


here you go! Some new stuff - in fact, not really new, the process is much more advanced right now, but i have to wait for my new hardware to render these things out, at this moment its impossible to render these things out on my current hardware.
The whole chamber is modeled out completely. My decision was against the using of a landscape generator like Terragen or Vue, because the chambers of eon are very special - cylindrical and artificial, in addition i’m a control freak;) Next time you are going to see the “machine city”, with lot of smoke, dark clouds, rain and lightnings. This time you only see the ground and some highways.

In addition i have created a particle system which is freezed, because on the video everything is freezed, so there are no animations at all, except of the camera movement. The particle are created for extremely fast rendertimes, because later there lots of particle effects.

Happy new year!


And in the 7th day, you´ll rest, hehe. Oh man, what an impressive job! I send you extra-energy!:scream: :thumbsup:


Amazing indeed… How are You going to make the final renders? With separate passes? All lights & objects separately?
I’m struggling with this subject right now…


just great man,

did you had the time yet to go and get the ram?
cheers and c ya


@ Gonzalo: thanks man! now…by the power of greyskull…i have the power!!!:bounce:

@ Taavi: thanks a lot! I not every objects and lights, i share the scene in groups and render each group with a mask, otherwise its impossible to render all these mio. of polys out. Good luck man!

@ Nico: yo, thanks dude! Got the ram! Have to update my system to win64 because xp doesnt work with 4gb.



o damn,

i read somewhere that win could only handle 2 gig. I even thought it was a joke, but looks like windows it the joke here. I’m installing the windows on the mac pro, and i even read in the licence agreement that you are only allowed to use 2 cpu’s. Man those guys suck. I hope all 4 are used, or there is no sence in using the mac pro.

cheers and good luck with finding all the drivers.



nice job jhonny … please can u share some info about rendertimes just to have an idea :wise:

before i got myself into Eon i was working on scene with some models from scifi3d it was in the interior of one of the sets of the death star, anyway the rendertimes got up to 12 hours wit all the lightining and texturin… im going to get more memery tommorrow hope that helps :sad:



@ leo: thanks man, about the rendertime:

each frame - 640px @ 2.35:1 - takes about 25 minutes with millions of polygons and GI on a core 2 duo 2x2,8ghz and 4gb ram. I have to throttle the gi quality down to decrease the rendertime. Good luck!


and what about rendertime with the 64-bit version? I thought this was the rendertime on the 32-bit system?

ps. i really hate windows now, the batch render of maya can only use 2 cpu’s of the 4 on the mac pro. So rendertimes for me for 1000x666 pixels take about an hour per frame. Luckily it’ll increase towards the end cause it’s about 105 frames for this render layer.



LOOL!! long time no hear this sentence,hahaha



really good job linh! i’m very impressed can you give more information about how you made the landscape ground?

Sorry for my english