Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


Men, your work is really insane!! :applause: :applause:



wow dude. So impressed by your work! Who are you man?! Total inspiration. Hope you win, keep it up. You have quite a fan base now to urge you on. :scream:


@ jedi: thanks a lot for your constructive crits dude! I will improve the rain, because its a must! Its really a important part in my image;) I hope you could continue your work on eon soon!!

@ dc_00: thanks a lot;)

@ dogmatico: thanks:cry:

@ eggsrgood: thanks dude! Who I am? Just a young and poor freelancer;) At this moment i’m a bit unmotivated because my monitor implodes yesterday i’m on a small 17 crt now, too bad, but…:beer:


hey mate !
this is great. i was whaiting to see how your scene is gonna look, and now i see : it’s just great. those pumping machines are really cool.:thumbsup:
looking forward for more :bounce:


Yo Johnny!
“The machine” looks awesome and insanely detailed!
I just love the rain effect and especially your specular work! It’s one the best
specular shading work I’ve seen in CGTalk!
Good luck with your entry!!!


hello everybody,

some improvement on the skin and its lighting. I added GI and Ambient occlusion and did some tweaks on the subsurface scattering. Theres also some improvement on the water shader and the micro hairs on the skin surface. Rendered out in a lot of passes, you can see few passes above.

good night!


@ Andrei: thanks man! I’ll check your character more precise after i’ve slept;)

@ Varma: hey thanks a lot! Good luck to you too, i will follow your thread;)


Hey Linh. Superb work on the skin and lighting work! :thumbsup:

My only crit right now is that the displacements on the lips look a bit too strong. It probably wouldn’t matter in the final image since most likely you are not going to have her face this close.

Also, I would have liked to see a bigger version of the comped image rather than the desaturated one. Maybe later? :slight_smile:


heyho Jedi,

yeah, the lips…but i have already figure out a technique to solve this problem, on the next update, the skin of the lips will be really translucently and the light will pass through the lips-skin on the flesh part of the lips, at this moment looks a bit too solid.

And sorry, the black and white is only a blow up, next time maybe i will post a bigger render, but more than 1,5h for a preview is a bit too long you know;)


WOW! This is great, this thread blows me away. I have no crits I am just here for the ride…woohoo. :thumbsup:



nice updates :slight_smile: Just one thing that’s simply driving me crazey though - the upper teeth! They look like they’re stuck in upper lip - too close to it!
love the watery look :thumbsup:



Second on the Teeth… It looks alike she is wearing artificial denture. Other then that, superb update… Keep it up!



@ element5: thanks dude!:cry:

@ Intervain: thanks for this constructive crit, i covered the flaw-area with my finger and the face in overall looks better!:beer: (you like beer?)

@ rybeck: hahaha, yeah…in fact my patricia is over 50, but looks so good thanks to the excessive use of subsurface scattering:twisted:


Simply amazing - I wish I could find some useful crits but it’s clear you know well what you’re doing… so just keep on doing it :slight_smile:


LOL well I’m more of a whiskey person but I’ll partake, thanks :slight_smile:

And man you should be selling that SSS trick - so many hollywood stars would pay for such face lifts :wink:


@ Intervain: whiskey? Nice! Even though i prefer wodka;)

And no, my SSS trick is old…years before i sold it to a guy names M. Jackson, but it doesnt work mysteriously, his nose droped down, bad story…


ok I just went trough 17 pages of your progress, and I had to shout a few times in amazement, your skill and attention to detail is incredible. The details are amazing, but I’m missing the vehicle in your concept sketch, and I’m missing the big picture of how you will compose all these things together.

I also love the rain effect, I am only hoping that you will have enough time to finish your work at this amazing level. Best of luck to you. :thumbsup:


She looks simply stunning… Is she single? LOL… Great work… I really like her and the machines and the watery look… Simply great work…


Really enjoy your wip, coming together very well, looking to the final!:thumbsup:



I have no words :slight_smile: just can’t wait to see it finished… hope you will manage