Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


I was recommended to this thread by Gunilla. You seem to be doing great things with water effect and hair particles. The hair is some of the best I have seen. What software are you using? And how are you creating the ilusion of wetness? Its close to the slime effect I am trying to achieve.

Come on, more images! :bounce:


Hi Linh! Long time. Your model is looking absolutely fantastic. I´ve been a bit sick lately, so havent gotten the time to work on a computer with my mega. But I used the time to think of a new concept of the mega, so… i will be posting the updates as i progress. But I i´m just stunned with what you have managed to make here… I mean. WOW!! :eek: Crazyyy stuff!!
Can´t wait for the next update, and the cloth test looks cool. Not sure if i missed it, but any idea on how you are going to finish this one?



Your really good in this! :thumbsup:seems your putting an extra mile with your work!
im wondering where you get much time to do this detailed work?
are presently working in a studio?


@ Womball: thanks a lot! I’m working with xsi and cinema. To achieve the wetness of the hair i’ve looked at a lot of photo references, wet hair is very sticky and the specular point is very concentrated and bright. Hope i could help a little!

@ thondal: thanks mate! But i’m not sure if i understand your question hahaha, how i’m going to finish my entry or what do you mean?

@ chandro: thanks! I’m not working in a studio, i’m just a young freelancer who is looking for a studio job, but actually i’ve never applied for one, so now its time, but at first i have to create a good portfolio, and eon is perfect for this;)


at first i have to create a good portfolio
haha ! if all of your works are same like this one, i think you’ll got no problem to have a great portfolio Linh.
hope you’ll find that you want. :wink:
Btw, you’re cloth test are really interesting. Some new update soon ?


Young artist? and your good! wow! i envy you mate!! i wish ive known 3d earlier!! i learn a lot from your thread:)! keep posting!


I’ve not stop by this thread long time and I just found there is some great stuffs going around…
A lot of inspiration I got from your work and I wish you best luck for this contest…



@ cyril: thanks;) i’ll post some updates next week! Maybe something of the environment.

@ chandro: I’m glad to hear this, dont worry, there will be lot of updates next week i think!

@ rybeck: thanks a lot for the kind words!


Hey there Linh,

came across your thread and had to stay a while and see what you have done…outstanding work my friend. :thumbsup: Really looking forward to more.



quick update, here are Patricias boots! The design is orientated to worker and motorcycle boots, with bit future.


i ve create some shaders for the machines for the environment.


because its very rainy in my final image, every thing is wet, so i ve to create a authentic water effects, here you can see some water test which shows the water falling down from objects.


here you can see my machine design. I want big, dark and gloomy machine world. Greg Bear descripes theres in the 6h chamber theres a part with strange looking machines, i like this idea a lot, so i want bring this part into my final image.


here you can see my water effect applied to the machines.


as you can i ve added more parts to it, some pumping machines which brings a bit organic feeling into my machines design.


wow…it’s a huge work on the shader and water effect. On your last picture, shader and light with rainy effect is absolutely credible for me. :thumbsup:
I love the boots, something retro-futuristic style, really noticeable.


Hello Linh. I just read through this thread, and I must say that your work is absolutely astonishing beautiful. Can’t wait to see more from you in the following days, not to mention the final scene! Keep up the good work.


@ element5: thanks a lot Mark;)

@ SweD: thanks! I’m glad to hear thats the boots look retro future, i aimed on this look, now i’ve to create a shader for it. This week when my new video card will arrive, i’m going to continue the work on the background. Because my current video card is really poor and the environment has over 0.5 mio. - and thats the beginning - polys already, i’ve to model with 5 frames per seconds, so it makes so sense and i’m working on the vehicle at this moment.

@ TommyJakobsen: thanks for the kinds words Tommy;)


Hey Linh. Those machines with shaders look AWESOME! :buttrock:

However, I must confess that the water effect is not working for me. It looks good on Patricia, but not for these. It almost looks like draped plastic wrap hanging down from the machines. IMO, the machines look a lot better without the water effect. I don’t know, but have you considered going without the water effect for your scene? You might want to think about that. Perhaps it would help you finish this one on time. :shrug:

As for me, I might not be able to work on my EON entry anytime soon. :sad: Some work has come up to fill my schedule. I hope to continue with this as soon as possible or else I will just have to drop out. :cry:

Anyway, I’m liking your entry very much and I truly hope you can finish this one on time as I would really enjoy seeing this one complete. Good luck!


[li]:thumbsup: So Good![/li][/ul]