Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


It seems that you have amazed just about everyone Linh!

Just for my sake, post how many hours it took for each update. XD Then i can prove my point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the great work.

  • Steven


ah never mind the hours, bring on more updates I say!!! :thumbsup:


@ spire: thanks a lot :wink: I hope i’m able to find a way how to make the environment wet!

@ nakaikoi: thank you for the kind words;) I’ll post something next week i think, some other jobs to do at this moment:sad:

@ Steven: at first i want to know your working time:wise: still waiting for your new update my friend hahaha:twisted:

@ Intervain: next week my dear!


Man, that is really something! Looks fantastic!

I still don’t know how you’re going to keep this level of detail for your final image, but you’re the crazy one…not me. :smiley:

Eagerly waiting your next update. :bounce:


love the way the patricia model is turning out. where exactly does she fit into your scene? one of the ppl flying in the suits like in yr sketch? can’t wait to see more of the suit. good job with that wet look :thumbsup:


@ @ Jedi: Thanks! hehee I’ll try to keep this detail level, i’m curious for your opinion about my environment;)

@ chaitanyak: Thanks! I’m not sure but i think i’ve mentioned it already, i’m not going to create the flying-suit scene, but a scene in chamber 6th, when Patricia stands outside her vehicle and look and the unbelievable and abstract environment.


the looks great, no critics in the moment. :slight_smile: keep up your good work… :buttrock:


I don’t have much to offer here in terms of crits, but I see a lot of impressive things - so, I’m basically curious to see how everything will merge together later on.

Indeed spectacular work so far :thumbsup:


hello everybody!

quick update, as you can see - a cloth simulation test. Its on a very early stage, so there are some little clipping flaws. I’m going to add seems, little micro wrinkles, zips and pockets etc. later. The Patrica character is fully rigged and animatable. The materials are - of course - not the final ones, just simple phong.



looks really good linh. Can’t wait to see patricia clothed. :smiley:

  • Steven


johnny… Master:thumbsup::smiley:


You sir, are insane. You should be working in cg for film.

Cheers :smiley:


great skinning. like the clothes


wow Linh

looks good allready
micro wrinkles ey, damn you’re insane to go for that level of detail
but I don’t mind
that’s more eyecandy for me
keep it up :thumbsup:


well I’ll reiterate - you are nuts! :twisted: - so cool I really can’t wait to see the final result!:bounce:


hehe, i called you insane after the previous post, and now everybody says the same :twisted:

i was thinking you were going to model the clothes, but no, you’re using simulation! I’d say it’s a great start. Are you going to use the simulated one as a model to do some refinements upon, or will you just use it like you’ll get it?
And is it done in cinema or XSI ?

i hope i’ll finish the patricia body soon so i can start on the clothing as well. I just have to do the feet (not too detailed) and rearange the loops and polys on the back.
untill your next update man



Great progress, Linh! Hmm, I would have though you would have modeled her some skin-tight clothes. :shrug: Oh well, can’t have everything. :smiley:

Keep on rockin’! :buttrock:


Very nice… just one question… how do you avoid getting the cloth passing through the body geometry?.. The only way i managed to do that so far is either by inresing the resolution of the mesh to insane levels of bu increasing the cloth tolerance (or push depending on what program you are using)… I would really like to know your technique… especially how it works when the arm has to come in contact with the rest of the body…


@ Macandre: thanks a lot! Keep your nice work too!:wink:

@ JamesMK: thanks, in fact, I’m curious too;)

@ steven: hahaha and i thought we guys could wait until a girl is clothed?:twisted:

@ Gonzalo: :cry:

@ gringer: oh thanks, any jobs for me?:stuck_out_tongue:

@ chaitanyak: thanks mate!:wink:

@ krrrk: hehee, thanks, I’ll try to keep the detail level!

@ Intervain: thanks;) “nuts” - “insane” - “crazy” “too much time” - my CG mates are really nice to me:twisted:

@ Nico: heyho, for the clothes i’m using cinema, pretty fast and precise, I’ll do some refinements later, now i’m on the boots. You’ll get a mail later!


@ Jedi: hey mate, don’t worry, she would win a wet-shirt-contest! I’m working hard especially on this part:twisted:

@ icedeyes: thanks! Firstly, there isnt any animation in my scene, secondly, the simulation setup is very high to achieve precise results, in addition the clothes has a high poly amount 40.000 - 80.000 polys to avoid clippings and to allow detailed wrinkles.


wow…you’re so good at what you’re doing! :eek: :drool: :buttrock:
do you work on this all day everyday?
(sorry for the question…im a bit new here)