Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


Imporessive textures.

At the beginning I thought it was a real picture. Only the eyes looked strange to me.

But it’s gorgeus.

I will keep my eyes on your thread.

All the best.


@ all: thanks for your encouragement, very kind!

@ Nico: Thanks! And yeah at this renderings you cant see the hairs, except of the left-bottom rendering, on the left side of the face you see very, very little hairs.

Good luck on the body dude!

@ Steven: funny postings as always hahahhaa, thanks!

@ AndreiSzasz: I’m working with Cinema, it allows you huge amount of polys and subsurface scatterings in short rendertimes. Each renderings above only took me only 4 minutes on a Pentium Dual 4,5 ghz, 3gb ram. I will improve the eye further, at this moment it doesnt work as fine as the skin, under some light condition there are some flaws, thats because it use a more simple SSS-model than the skin, maybe i’ll change to a more complex SSS model. Thanks a lot!

@ Swed: thanks Cyril! Btw great job on the vehicle texturing, i’ll write something to it later!

@ simovici: thanks a lot! As i said to Andrei i will improve the eyes further, the shader is very “young”, so…theres a lot to improve :wink:


Very impressive!!!
I like you work, cool model and textures,
and so much poly!!! :eek: What configure of your computer? (oh, you reply this!)
I seem that be small problems in models I has marked on pic.
Good luck!


@ pichunter: hey thanks a lot for your effort, this is really a constructive posting! I’ll better this out immediately. In addition i will increase the displacement and normals on the halse, a bit flat at this moment, thanks once more and keep your great work!


wow linh ! wonderful modelling and texturing ! really impresive work

keep it up



man, this is awesome, goddamn … i have to go to the shitter;)


Amazing work throughout the whole thread - and the skin shader is unbelieveble.
Wonderful, I’m just gonna stay here and drool for awhile :thumbsup:


wow! cant wait to see the final scene:thumbsup: great work!!


very nice, like the water drops!!:slight_smile: I found that your early post(models) was more human feel, these are abit cg for me… but anyway, is the top quality.


Sweet! :bounce:

But I’m still curious to see some concept work. Difficult to imagine what kind of composition you’re aiming for.


@ alvin: thanks! And yeah thats right, i’ve improved the textures and SSS, but these pics were rendered without the oily layer on the skin, because this would increase the rendertime 15x, too much for a fast preview :wink:

@ jedi: thanks! Dont worry, i’m going to post concepts after finishing the vehicle and the whole character!:wink:


I… think… just… :thumbsup::eek::bounce::applause::buttrock: :bowdown:

(Cant express in words… hope the smilies help to prove my point…)


Ten points! :applause:
One thing tough - does Milla know that she has a digital twin sister ???



beautiful model :applause: … are u planning to animate water… could it be done?


hey ! me again :smiley:
i saw you said to cyril that the stone is not a place with dirt … do you think my rusty buildings and stuf from the 6th chamber are to rusty?
i see this 6th chamber as an old chamber with mechanical things… it sais in the book that only some pomps are still moveing and the rest is some abandoned mechanisms… so i gues they are standing there for a long time, so they could be verry rusty since they are not doing anything for a long long time…
what you think?


Hey Andrei!

this is a point of view, it’s the different ways of interpretations i think. I really like your look of the 6th chamber, the rusty look is really special and authentic. I go a different way, where i think, that the technologies of the stoners are more advanced, so rust doesnt play a role on my environment design. I want to show the different technologies between the human vehicles and the environment of the stoners. I’m thinking on some plants and vines which are growing over the hundred years and covered some parts of chamber, it’s more an abstract machine world. But thats my version, i don’t think that you’ve made something wrong, your chamber really has a special look, i also want a special look, just on a different way :wink:


ok :smiley:
i thougt that it was all about diferent perspectives , but i was’t realy sure…
i thought i misunderstand something in the book… so thanks for clearfing me
and…cool concept, i like the way your scene is devoloping :thumbsup: good luck ,
and whaiting to see more :bounce::bounce::bounce:


oh i forgot the other postings:blush:

@ icedeyes: hahaha thanks a lot :wink:

@ taavi: not yet i think :wink: Btw i’ve change some subtle things already to make her little less Milla, to suits the Patricia character better, don’t want that the real Milla sue me because her digital double is maybe too ugly to her:D

@ Leothril: yeah, maybe i’ll animate some water and rain effects, if my time and PC power allows that, but the water on the face is not going to flow, it’s too complex and the time is short you know :wink:

@ Andrei: yup, i will begin with the work on the environment this weekend, just to have the base modeling on each category, with this i feel better and saver:D


What can I say, I really like how you realized the rain effect. Great job!


HOLY CRAP!! I just stopped by your thread for the first time and I am amazed. that water is spectacular. I’m honored to be in the same competition as you. You are on a roll, I cant wait to see more!