Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


Wow Linh. I only have two assumptions about you.

  1. You have waayy to much time to put this much detail into your work.

  2. You are just that freaken amazing.

I am going with the latter right now, until you prove me wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Steven



here you can see Patricias vehicle. Sorry for the small renders, but i have no time at this moment and i want to show you the vehicle from different angles, next update will be in HD as usual. As you can see the design has changed a lot, it’s more Jeep-like and less buggy style. I were inspired from a lot of things, not just vehicles. It’s a kind of retro future, not the 80ies, more 30-50ies + future with a very asymmetrical shape as you can see. The hardest part was really the design, i hope you like it!


I guess so. I used to play around with passes while compositing tv-commericals. But i have NEVER done it with such a huge project…

PS. The car-concept looks great :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Good to see that the project is coming along. I would have really liked to have seen some bigger renders. It’s almost as if you’re teasing us with these. :smiley:

The vehicle looks nice. Very buggy-like. Looks like it’s made for one. Am I right?

Waiting for the next update on Patricia. :slight_smile:


Looks great so far Linh. I enjoyed your wips on the actress. Good luck. :thumbsup:


@ steven: hahaha, no the first one sounds realistic, i have too much time:D

@ taavi: thanks! Yeah its also my first time working on a such huge project for animation.

@ jedi:

It’s almost as if you’re teasing us with these.

hehehe:twisted: seriously, it was a mixture of teasing and no-time hahaha :wink:

@ sergage: thanks a lot!


long time ago since the last Patricia update, here’s something new. The low poly body of her, very rough, less details. The function of this model is to work underneath the high detailed clothes. So…the most important aspects were to get a nice silhouette, correct proportions and anatomy. Because in the final image she doesn’t wear cloves, i will model completely new hands, high detailed like the face. As you can see, her feet looks more like shoes actually, later i will replace them with real shoes when i’m on the rigging part.

see you later!


great work Linh,

maybe we’re missing a frontview, but i doubt we would see anything wrong there :twisted:
I was kind of planning to do the body thorough, but i guess i’ll do a basic as well. Just to save time. Can’t wait to see some clothing.

cheers MAte


your tests all look very promising, and shows a wide range of skill… i’d love to see your finished entry the most! keep the updates pouring in! :smiley:


the breasts look weird from the side - they seem to be flattened somehow… still it’s a low poly sculpt so I can’t expect too much. Are you going to model the entire body or just enough to stick into the vehicle?

keep 'em updates coming! :thumbsup:


I have to say, I love the Milla model! and rain layered over your zb face looks incredible! I can’t wait to see the whole character! …sexy spandex covered body and a jetpack! OMG!

I really like the flying peoples! Good dynamic choice for your scene!

Cheers! :scream:

[font=Verdana]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully as soon as I get some work up you’ll have a look and let me know what you think. Peace Peace![/font]


@ Nico: thanks dude! Yeah i think model a basic body is the best way, otherwise you’ll lose to much time on it and it will be invisible later.

@ ragdoll: thanks a lot :wink:

@ intervain: thanks! And yeah they are a bit flatten, but…thats Milla:twisted:

Patricia will stands outside the vehicle actually, so i have to model the entire body.

@ Bergquist: thanks a lot! Of course i will take a look on your thread, waiting for your work!


always great work Linh, and i really like this buggy shape for your vehicle, and wait the Hd to see more :slight_smile:


[size=2]Seldom I look in other themes, and here Such!

Models, materials very qualitative and beautiful! =)



Greeeeaaat >o<!!!:smiley:


Hey everybody,

i’m on the clothes actually, but today i took some time to improve the skin further. The goal was to create a skin shader that works with any possible light situation. This is really the most complex skin material i’ve ever made, but finally it works fine under all light conditions.

In Addition…as you can see, Patricia has eyes, finally. It wasn’t easy for me to create natural looking eyes, it was modeled like a real eye model, the texture is a mix of retouche, paintings and procedural shaders. I used the eye of a friend as reference (thanks Siri :wink: There’s also eyelashes, each one contains about 250 hairs. Some micro raindrops are on the eyelashes too, but thats hard to identify at this resolution. On the skin surface there are 100.000 micro hairs, the effect is very subtle, but it gives the skin a bit more natural look.

see you later, i’m going to bed now!


Let me be the first - i hope - to call you insane!

amazing render. Looks great with the eyes and all.
I doubt that the micro hairs would be usefull at a normal resolution. But if it’s noticable at high res, go for it!

i’m busy on the body, but i’m affraid i can’t leave the detail alone :wink:


I can now safely agree with both assumptions. You have WAAYY too much and incredible skill. Great job linh!!

Keep up the awesome work!!! (seeing as you have enough time to XD)



great work man … incredible.
what softwer do tou use that alows you to get so mutch polys and works so good with hair .
i just amasing how good it looks …:bounce::bounce::bounce:
maybe the eyes could be tweeked a little to look so real as the skin does.


i’m bored, man…


Very awesome job Linh, modeling, lightning, texturing ! :cry: :thumbsup: