Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai


yeah man you sucks ass, attack would love you:D


Quite huge pic :slight_smile: Deadly mount of details :wink:

Ps. the video is not playing… at least im my laptop. I guess that tle .fla is not a stand-alone movie. It needs some some kind of embedded flash player too, i guess.

my mov:

my lores flash:


respect, what to say :slight_smile: hope you will join the rest of us


cross fgingers mate! i knew what desaster the ftp failed 3 times and my upload must have been done on the very last second of the timer. crossfingers mibus opens the gate for you, kick ass work as i said earlier and best of luck mate on the finals, where your work for sure belongs.


maaaannn tha’s a huge scene !:banghead:
i can’t bealive it didn’t reach the dead line… but hope it will get in somehow

great job mate!:buttrock:

wish you the best of luck !


I received a mail from Mibus-i was late for uploading the stuff-so i am out now. How about U?


@ taavi: cool, me too!:twisted: Shake hands! I hope you are not too depressive about this…:hmm:

@ andrei: thanks man, too bad i’m out, but i wish you best luck mate, one of my top favourites here!

@ angel: thx dude, i wish you best luck for your great illu!

@ arturro: thanks man! I hope you win something, also ohne of my few favourites!

@ intervain: i’m not in :love:actually hahaha, but maybe too lazy sometimes:wise:

big thanks for the great support here! Of course I’m sad that I’m not in, but in a way I’m also very happy now, no deadlines, no stress and finally concact to other humanoid creatures again, after 4month:bounce:

Actually, a hate my entry, i cant see this face and this car anymore, spends too much time with them;)

But through this challenge i met some nice people and got a opportunity for some jobs, so its not that bad as it seems.

Good luck and see you all later with my upcoming works!


good philosophie and good new for your jobs opportunities :slight_smile:

i hope to see you around here and there Linh.


Hey Linh. It looks like over-ambitious detail is what hurt you in the end. That’s some CRAZY detail you have there! :smiley: But no worries. I also didn’t submit my entry in time. Too many problems trying to convert my .avi into .flv. The good news is that I now know what the problem was. It appears that you can’t convert an uncompressed .avi into .flv. Yeah, pretty silly. :shrug: Live and learn.

Anyway, great news about the job prospects. I also had a couple interested parties. Maybe something good will come from that. :slight_smile: Let’s wish each other good luck. :beer:

Will you be in for the next challenge? I can’t guarantee that I’ll be there, but I definitely will be watching. Peace! :buttrock:


@ swed: thanks man, and hope you are going to get something for your entry;)

@ jedi: yeah, the over-ambition was a part, another was, in the last 2 weeks i have to do a some other freelance jobs, the last days was very hard, but now i’m happy that its over.

And yeah, the convertion process was terrible, finally, i have to send the file to Vietemotion who is convert my video file to flv.

Anyway, I dont thing i’ll join the next Challenge, because i hope for a studio job in the next coming months and a challenge takes a lot of time as you know.

See you later, i’m curious to see your upcoming works mate!


Good luck with the job! What is the task?


hey linh

you did some really great work on this thread - good luck with your future projects.



knockout details Linh! :eek: :scream::scream:

the extreme to be exact! :eek:

really sorry u didnt make it man :cry: ur first concept update blew my mind! :eek:

may god bless u with the very best for the future!! take care buddy!


Aww - shame!!! Well no matter, I’m sure you’ve learned tons from that work and it will only be for the best in the end! I’ve enjoyed following the thread for sure! Looking forward to more from ya and GOOD LUCK with the job hunt :thumbsup::love:


I think you have to step back and look from a distance first, the details are all very nice, but the complete picture is messy, chaotic and doesn’t show any of the detail, since there’s no real clear lighting, you need contrast to show off the detail, I also think your screen callibration is way too clear, because on my screens (studio callibrated) it pretty much shows all black.

I’ve been writing quite a bit of conventions these days for the next project, and your work reminds me of something I’ve been stressing a lot in those docs. You cannot start something by it’s detail, you have to start with a global design of your set, the global lighting, the colors which you want to use, then gradually increase detail on them…

You do good work, but your approach needs to change, try beginning with color keys and blocking, then general lighting tests, etc… Work on composition and concept, make sure your lighting sells the image… keep it up!


@ Intervain: thanks a lot! Yeah, your right, i’ve learnt a lot due the challenge, could improved a lot of things - except of my poor english;)
I have to recognize, i’m a fan of your work:wise: i will keep an eye out for new works:beer:

@ derbyQsalano: at first, thanks for taking the time to make such a nice and detailed posting. And i agree, you are definitely right. I dont need to step back to see the flaws;)

I’m absolutely not satisfied with the final pic, but the character and the vehicle is not to bad, if i would present them each apart. But of course thats not a apologize for the poor overall picture. Because i was so lazy the days before, i had to create the background in 3 days and 1 day to put it all togheter in panic and rush - that are the reasons, but i think i will take some time and re-render the models, thanks once more!


You certainly have the right attitude, the ability to see your flaws and evaluate every crit you get is a good thing in this line of work. I do agree that the character and the car look wicked, why don’t you do something else with it? Try a composition with your female in the foreground and the car in the background, even further back you could use your foilage. You could also replace your objects with proxies, lowpoly simple grey shaded objects, to test lighting, get some backlighting, maybe some very saturated colours, depending on what kind of mood… In any case, I’ll be looking forward to more work from you!


not to mention your background of the city :twisted:

how much time did you spend on that? Too bad you can’t even see it. How about posting a pic of the city itself huh?

cheers mate


I’m mainly replying to subscribe to this thread.

I can’t believe your level of quality in your work. I mean, the modeling the face so well is one thing, but you employ so many small details like it’s no big thing. I have trouble making shaders look good.

Are you using Maya for all of this?

Also, I just wanted to say something about the latest composition where you have the girl standing in the scene: It doesnt look as good as it should. I just mean that all your wip pics look so good but when you have them all together there is a lot of loss for quality. Example: milla doesnt even look near as close to her as she did in your first progress shots. But I remember you saying that you didnt want to have photo textures, so I can understand that. Also, I am sure you know what you are doing and you’re going to revise the shot WAY more. So I’ll shut up.

Awesome work btw!


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