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okay, i’m going to work on this scenario:

In fact, my work will only base on this idea, i like the colours and the idea of the flying peoples.

For the scenario i will use techniques from my previous work “Temple of Kurast”, so the poly amount is also very high, but this time a have a lot more time, i think i will have a lot of fun;) In addition i will create a female character in the flying suit. I said in my “photorealistic human”-thread, i want to create a female character base on milla jovovich, now i will create this character for the contest.

I hope you will looking forward for my WIP works! Good luck everybody!


Okay, as i said i will create a female character base on real person in addition to the environment, hand drawn sketches will be unnecessary. I found such images by google. The character will only base on Milla Jovovich. At first i will create a perfect replica of her, then i will mixed the shape with other persons and personal ideas.


Today i begin the work on the femaile character with a air sled , because i have to wait a few days for the book, i live in germany where the title is sold out since years, so i have to purchased it on ebay. I want to read the chapter about this scenario in german, because i want the final art will base on my imaginations, not on the air-sled artwork in the inspiration section.

btw: can anyone tell me, in which chamber the scenario with air-sled is? Thanks a lot!


Interesting start. Im following the same way to create the main charachter of the story.
I will be back to see the model. I have done some actors replica,and i was disoppointed by my final result…i think that is very interesting to follow a thread that poit to show an actor replica…in fact the challenge in “movie making” related…so …i hope to learn more about character modeling from your thread.so…keep it up and good luck.


COOL,I like your way,I might stick arround this thread,sounds interesting enough…
Cos I allways wanted to create realistic female,but till now havent tryed,I think that is the key,to giv it a try,and everythig else follows.
Seeya :thumbsup:


Good choice in reference material :smiley:

Good Luck, Im still kinda stuck on ideas right now.


I’m creating my 1rst female character, so i’ll stick around to learn with you.Good luck!!


Here i show you the edge flow of the mesh, i used this edge flow before, for some other models, and it works very fine for animation. Well, this time there will be no animation, but who knows, maybe i will use this mesh for other projects, always be prepared;) This edge flow gives you clear lines and it flows around important parts like the eyes and the mouth, it helps me to create natural looking facial animation.


i’m glad to see, you guys are interessted in my project, i’m appreciate if you will looking forward for my wip posts. As i can see, there’s some interest in creating 3D-replicas. I will post a lot of WIP shots and i’m going to show you everything i know about character and high detailed environment creation.

btw: today i have nearly finished the whole face, except the eyes and the ears, i will post some shots tomorrow, when the face will have a more complete look.


hey, i am strained to see your final milla model hahaha It will be hot hot hot:eek:
Your concept seems to be intresting, one of the best in this forum, i follow your wip maybe there ist something i can learn.
By The Way when you have finish with it send me some nude pics with her yeah i will hang it as 1:1 Poster


hey Johnnymaster,

just dropping by to wish you luck and fun!

i think you chose a very great person to base you character on. She has the expression just made for this scenario.

c ya




sorry :blush:

mented to correct the post instead of creating a new one.


here you can see the face in an early phase, the lines aren’t smooth and some parts are not finished yet. I applied a photo texture to it, just to see how fine it match the geometry., it’s No shading/skin test.


although,it’s still in an early stage it looks amazing!Keep it up :slight_smile: would like to see a textured profile


sensational details man! even at 1092! :open_mouth:

good luck for da challenge dude! :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers mate! :stuck_out_tongue:


damn, looks sweet already!

can’t wait to see it completed



Linh, you are really good!!, congrats. When have time, could tell us about your method, i mean, your modelling approach, is it polygon by polygon or you work with edgeloops,…?


Wow your using Milla! I like… PROPERLY LOVE Milla Jovovich! I’m intensely excited about seeing her in this scene of yours! Good luck man! :smiley:


Wow! ALready so good. I dont think i can even compete :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck Linh, you model seems perfect for your reference. Looks so much similar.