Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Leonidas J. del Rio de Leon


This shader differs form the Stone shader i did early a bit i use procedurals for this …trying to get that metal look… Ill use this for the buildings in the city … added displacement for tweaking the geometry a bit… still in development … im gonna do some modeling this mornig and ill come back to this afterwards…


The shader looks OK :slight_smile:
The interior design looks massive and great, too :slight_smile:

About postponing the deadline-it should be done! Otherwise many contestants are not qualified… We all put too much effort and time int this project just to cancel because we need 1-2 extra days for rendering the animation…


Ill support you 100% Taavi… i already miss 2 weeks of collegue working on this and im a bit streess out… a day or two would not hurt that much i hope we can get more people to support this…

thanks for coming


Ill manage to add the stone pass to the composition but is not looking great i use mental ray for that and the composite back with the renderman passes …

Ill be adding glows in post also a fog pass is coming … thres still time to change teh composition a bit and add more things k … hope they extend the challenge for 2 days to render the animation :slight_smile:


I truly hope the same - that the deadline will be extended >>>a little bit<<< :slight_smile:


Ok heres my final render a litle bit rush out and could not use raytrace like in previous renders but i try to put the scene together in the last minute … its been a long day.

…this challenge whas i great experience for me i applied everything i leard in 3d over the last six monts this conclude that journey … now i need to get back to other importan matters like college wich i didn assist over a year hopelly im a senior now :slight_smile:

ok whats next … i work on a scene before Eon its kinda star wars scene in one of death star interiors the only problem is that i use models from scifi 3d and i need to ask them if they allome to use it but the scene is pretty nice and is almost done… also ill be on the lightning challenges a lot :slight_smile:

im gonna visit some of the challengers threads and congrats a lot of people that deserve to be even if they didn make it to the final… i got 15 picks for the finalist [im not in it :)] is gonna be a tough choice

Note: i just notice that the glows are not present i dunno what happen trying to make image lest contrasty o h heck oh well no time :frowning:

good luck everybody


No composition i think is better . i havent time to see the images clearly ill look on the thread page…


I really like the models, but i don’t think that this should be your final. There are too many black areas (few lights more should help) and try a higher camera angle. Don’t use white lights, use some slight blue and green lights. If possible, use ambient occlusion. Afar from that its really nice, I like the shaders!


Hey Leonidas,

Great job on finishing your image, it looks very nice.:thumbsup: I like the POV of the image and the general mood of the image. Glad to hear you are using all the skills you have learned over the last while and you should be happy with your image.

Good luck and see you in the next challenge.


Thanks for the support guys… its not final there’s alot of stuff to work out but right now im taking a break from it … i will let u know when is finish i promise :thumbsup:

@mnoir… glad u like it, hope to see you around :slight_smile:

@Klingberg … i promise it will look a lot better when is finish with raytracing and all the effects is that i couldn finish it for the challlenge i enter i bit late and my experience modeling was zero to none…



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