Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Leonidas J. del Rio de Leon


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Playing around with the title …


Hi Everybody…

I finally decided to join the challenge a bit scared cuz im learning to model as i go + only 47 days left :sad: … but i think i have a clear idea of what im trying to do anyways.

My scene is gonna be in some of the libraries … a panoramic view is gonna be needed with windows looking at the city in Alexandria or any other city… Patricia is gonna be there some how…

I already did some sketches that i will publish tommorrow… also i did some testing with models buildings and some part of the interior of the library… i been reading the book for the last 2 weeks and also thinking of my aproach …

I think this gonna be more of a learnig experience to me …


Ok here we go…


I like the style of the Thistledown so far. My only suggestion would be to make things a bit more exotic. Remember that Alexandria is a very terrestrial-seeming city, with Earthlike towers and skyscrapers, while Thistledown, built later, is a city more uniquely adapted to the environment of the Stone.

Keep plugging away at it. It looks good so far!


@vmulligan… thx for the coments… im looking into making things more interesting working on the interior right now and will look into those buildings after that … i get the golf tee buildings all wrong the look like mushrooms :scream:


Thistledown City was astonishing, newer than Alexandria by two centuries; it had been built after the Stone’s launch, incorporating designs not thought of until the inhabitants had had long experience with their environment. Here the Stone architects had allowed themselves complete freedom. Treating the chamber as a giant valley, they had strung cables from cap to cap and hung buildings from them in graceful curves. Taking advantage of the upward slope of the floor, they had built arched structures fully ten kilometers long, bands of steel and processed Stone material interacting in patterns of silver and white, casting soft-edged shadows over the neighborhoods below. Some of the structures rose to the very limits of the chamber’s atmosphere; these were actually thicker at the top than the bottom, like golf tees.

Even empty, Thistledown City seemed alive. It would take only the merest suggestion of people to come to life, Patricia thought; a few hundred citizens, moving from building to building, dressed in outrageous clothes—colorful, flowing garments suited to the curves and vaults and arches, bright colors to contrast with the muted creams, whites and metallics of the city.

Pretty cool huh ? Theres a lot buildings to be add also the golf tee … the cables, hanging buildings … oh the arc buildings… the roundenss of the chamber is not clear right now … i think buildings could be hanging from the walls … i need to get all the metrics right for this ill do some research ill work on the buildings an city next week…

Im working on the interior of the library right now i having a hard time with polygonal modeling but ill see what i can do… i get some inspiration from art deco and some movies also



Hi there, I have come over to support your thread. Great start on Thistledown City. Keep the updates a coming :thumbsup:


Hi Leotril,

Your thist steps are looking promising, I am going to follow your progress.

Good luck!


Thanks for the support element5 and musi… :wise:

Some of this sketches are pretty old before i started k … well the chair i added later thats really important cause is the way Patricia find information about Thistledown and things to come in the form of a hologram… i started with the golf tee building design…


I take some time thinking about this building i think theres something kinda alien about it and maybe art deco … well i need to thing also about the rest of the buildings the concep stuff is just temporaly i mean the buildings i did before …


I already started modeling all that stuff k… things are going a little slow cuz im learnig a lot stuff about modelling and also modeling patricia’s head … much more to come tommorrow and this weekend …



I hope to finish this model over Weekend once i add the details of the sketch. I did some lighting test on this also add a directional light in conjuction with Global Illumination HDR lightning … just a test


Hey Leotril, good start… I hope you have time to finish it… hurry up mate!


This is my take in one of the chairs of Thistledown library
Im planning to add more detail to this k also need to model much more important things and time is running out :frowning:


im having some problems with my head model i lost a couple nights working on it…
I was following this tutorial i dont understand the method the describe for patchin in maya i dont find that option what i can do is an operation call loft but with just 11 splines also i cannot connect the splines that made the topology (page 2 tut they describe taht is basically making another splines for the topology) this method is with polys as u can see … well i star lofting the splines u know from top to botton when i didi the loft it connects the vertices kinda but is not as precise as in the tutorial but at least i got something but is not pretty yet…:slight_smile:

I would like to finish the head model but time is running out :sad: i got my splines 23 points on each hope to find a way to patched in maya cause the loftin mthod is not helpint that much

more updates coming today …


Thanks for droping by Claudio…


Modeling the details of the library … much more to come today including a lightining test :slight_smile:


I need to add more lights to this also texturing , glass shader need some work also the tube light…
I hope to finish modeling this weekend maybe and then get back to lightining :wink:

I just notice that the jpg quality kinda sucks… ill leave like that for now … any pointers for a jpg converter programn ?? :slight_smile:


Sorry for dropping by so belated Leonidas;

Even though I had had said I would pay you a visit as soon as I could.

Now I think I can better grasp your problem on how you got stuck on the head.
There are actually several types of modellers, some are polygon modellers, some are NURB’S/Patch modellers, or possibly Sub-D/Ubber-NURB’S/NURM’S modellers (There are also "Architect modellers… but that’s a whole different category :stuck_out_tongue: … A personal joke I make with my wife about the messy meshes some architects tend to bring in and I have to clean up :slight_smile: )

Sooo it is very difficult for me to directly tell you on how you SHOULD or should not model your head.

But I can tell you a few things… one of them is that the given tutorial is one of the most complicated ways to start to model out a head.
Unless of course; you have an exceptional understanding of the human head features. And EVEN if you do… the resulting first mesh will most possibly have a lot of errors in it’s placement, demanding you to tweak very carefully.

It also prevents you to have correct edge loops, disabling you to sculpt out a decent nose (hence the reason he keeps having you remodel over and over your new mesh)

But IF you want to work this way… I would advise you to at least try and go for a sort of high-res sculpted sphere in the shape of a head first… so you can snap the curves onto.
I have had done something similar HERE in an earlier thread for a lion statues main

All this said
I really don’t want to get offensive on the matter of the tutorial… It WAS a fantastic way of getting some where in times that the Human head was a great challenge to the everyone
just like 5 years ago the human skin was THE thing, or last couple of years the Displacement/Normal-maps.
Now the head is so much more examined and learned… the tutorials have evolved dramatically since. I WOULD advise you to browse around to find out more about this subject
As it has a serious amount of documentations attached.
(I would strongly recommend for you to visit the link for the [color=white]Hobbit Guy’s head tutorial that I gave a link to back in my thread)[/color]

do NOT demoralise that your head took you over two nights of work
even though NOW I am much more capable, I think my first head had taken up about a week of my time :sad:
So just keep up with what you are doing
you ARE getting to places… and your results rock!

[color=lemonchiffon]As for the *.jpeg compression
I would definitely offer you to use the “Save for Web” feature that comes in with PhotoShop.
But you may not own Photoshop, as well as maybe you may have an earlier version that doesn’t have “Save for web” or Image Ready.[/color]

In this case there are a variety of free compressors out there
I think Irfan-View HAS such a feature embedded. I would advise you to go take a look.
But if all else fails
the BEST compressor is actually within your computer itself
the option to “PrintScreen” your image.

What happens is that in one pixel in an image… there is not only ONE single colour (like the old arcade games) but in fact there are 8 colour informations by default.
So what compressors do is they optimise the image data per pixel to what WOULD give us a good looking image without all the data that we can’t see or differ anyways.

When you PrintScreen, you grab directly from your screen which IS an optimised interpretation of the image (Can you follow?) so just get yur image to match the screen size, and then screen grab it and paste this onto what ever graphic editing software you use.

It most possibly will be under 150K. Especially since you lack too much red tints in your images so far.

Hope some of this has managed to help you out on your problems
and that you may want to make use of the newly extended time.
The best fun in learning new things is the “getting your hands dirty” part :slight_smile: