Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Laeticia Freger


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yoooooooooooooo :smiley:

now its time to work !
Good luck to everyone, and dont forget to spamm :smiley:



Have a lots of fun and best of luck !
*I will try to explain you the subject if I can … * :smiley:

cheers ,



hanhan :smiley:

thanks steph’ the best for u too :smiley:


Nice to see U here Girlie !
I hope to see U finish it, this time !


Snaps fingers and waves hand You go girlfriend;)

I always enjoy your style Laeticia


Awrightie then! Just get cracking, it’ll work out great you know


Best of luck to you Laeticia! Have fun!

Hamed katebi


START SPAMMING!!!. . . :slight_smile: Lol…

Good luck for challenge mrs.


Hey there - good luck to you Laeticia :thumbsup:


Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:


And the Pupuce is here too… so fine… maybe you can finish here your pied-à-terre :scream: maybe a futuristic flying one :smiley: hahahaha…
Sorry… seriously… I wish you much fun, and especially much progress…

…and now, you must finish this one… for the community, for your friends, for me… and especially for you :thumbsup:

Go now…


Mouahah ! Pied à terre from space !


Dis donc lolo… pupuce c’est moi qui dis, pas toi, nah ! :stuck_out_tongue: … hahaha…

salut falbala ! really nice to see you here, wish you all the best !

juju :wink:


tu connais le book ??? wow ça aiderait un poil…


great to have you here too :slight_smile: bonne chance et beacoup de plaisir! lets go nuts:D again ^^


Hi everyone !!
Thanks for whole of your kind words of encouragement ! very very touchin’

Now for me its time to read the book :smiley:
so hard :smiley: :scream::thumbsup:
ill try to be efficient at this point of work, to start correctly with the good ideas, and of course, something which i can realize !


hey u :smiley:
so cool to spam my thread :smiley:

thanks dude :slight_smile: so nice !
good luck to u too :slight_smile:


Ah, a familiar face. Great to have you on board again, Laeticia. Good luck to you. :slight_smile:


wish you luck too…

and a lot of fun :bounce: and psst. tell me what the book is about… haha