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Hey everyone. :wavey: It’s good to finally get back to competing with you all. :smiley: Now it’s off to the book store for me. Got to do a LOT of reading…and FAST! :bounce:


same thing for me, I’ve just buy the book.
Welcome in this challenge Jedi-Juice have lot of fun to doing this ! suscribe to this thread to see more next time :thumbsup:


hey u ! thanks to the support on my personal thread ! thats so nice !
wish u good things, and good for this neW challenge !
so cool :smiley: and so fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for stopping by Laeticia and Cyril. Yes, this challenge is going to be lots of fun! I’m so excited. I have lots of reading to do first. Hmm, I need to find a book fast. Runs off to find used book


Well then - go ahead and bring the juice, Jedi


Ok, finished the book and I’ve decided to go with this scene. It’s the part when Patricia is first introduced to the 7th chamber and she realizes that it doesn’t end.

Since the “3d Scene” entries are judged more on the modeling, I will solely concentrate on designing and modeling the truck, Patricia, Farley, and Lanier. No need to worry about modeling the chamber, although I will model in some landscape detail nearby.

So happy that for once I have a clear-cut path of where I need to go with this. :slight_smile:


aaaahhh ! a concept ! :smiley:
I see this chapter you talk, and your vision is as i’ve seen in mind. I don’t worry for the scale and waiting to see how you’ll manage the depth of the 7th chamber.
Nice first rough too for the truck :thumbsup: go on friend !


Here’s the concept I made for the truck. I tried to stick with the description in the book: six steel-spoked wheels (didn’t bother drawing the spokes) with a “Snowcat” appearance. I also thought it would be good to give it a military look since the whole “Stone” operation was pretty much under military control.

I don’t think I’ll draw the front view since I pretty much know how it will look based on the side ortho view and my references. I’ll probably make a bunch of it up as I model along anyway. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll model the truck next before jumping to the characters.


@ JamkesMK --> Here comes da juice! :smiley:

@ SweD --> Yeah, I actually have a concept. Woohoo! :bounce: I’ll be even more happy if I can finish with the modeling. :smiley:


Good luck with your scene, seems that you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do :slight_smile:


Hey great start! I just read through that sectionof the book the other day and instantly recognized it from your sketches. I really like your truck design, very cool. You might need some ladders on the side? Looking forward to watching this one develop. Cheers.


@ ramy badie --> Thanks for dropping in. Yeah, I can picture what the scene will sort of look like in the end. It’s just a matter of getting the whole thing finished on time. Of course, I still need to worry about details such as clothing design for the upcoming characters and such, but I’ll worry about those things later. :smiley:

@ soapy --> Thanks soapy! This was the second scene that caught my attention when reading the book… the first being the one where Patricia transfers from the shuttle to the OTV. There were a lot of other great scenes, such as the Russian’s invasion of the Stone (my fav), but I figured this one was more do-able for me than the rest.

As for the truck, that red object in the concept is supposed to be a ladder. Don’t know if the concept will actually work well for me until I get well into the modeling. We’ll see. I’m sure I will be able to figure something out. :slight_smile:


ok, so great to be here!

part one of the challenge: FUN FUN FUN

i guess your truck looks much more functional than mine :twisted:
defenitly like the army-kind of vehicle. Maybe you can work that out some more. I think you could get some nice detail ideas out of the hummer design!

anyway, don’t think about what you can do, but about what you want to do, and beat it out of ya!



Finally had some time to finishing up the wheel for my vehicle. All subd’s except for the brake system, which are low poly. The brakes won’t be seen much anyway.

The materials are just preliminary. Trying to get an idea of where to go with coloring.

Moving on to uv mapping them before I jump into modeling the body of the vehicle. Crits welcome. :slight_smile:


Yesss, definitely fun! I just need to work out getting more time to work on this. I can already tell you that getting a vehicle and 2-3 characters finished in 3 months time will be a challenge. Looks like I’m going to have to adopt your sleeping pattern. :smiley:

About the Hummer, I’ll google that and see if I can get some ideas.


good start jedi;

about uv-mapping, i think it’s safer to do modeling first and when it all is finished you do the rest. If you happen te redo a part or piece, you don’t loose the work you put into uv-mapping and so.

how did you model the tire? I don’t smooth mine cause it already has too much polys. All tires make out most of the polys from the complete truck.

have you tried to model a tire the way i discribed in my thread? It’s very fast and easy.



@ Nothingness --> Good point. I wouldn’t want to do more work than I need to. :banghead:

For the tires, they were already modeled before your post. I sort of used the same technique, except for the fact that I didn’t create a circle and measure. I just played around with the number of duplicates till I got the result I wanted. Thus why it too me longer then it should have. :blush: Oh well, live and learn. Btw, when you mention measuring the circle, do you mean with the distance tool in Maya? I don’t know since I never really used it.



at the messure tools, you can use the Arc Lenght tool to messure the length of a curve. That way if you have half circle, you can messure distance on the curve itself.



Ah, I see. I’m going to have to try that out the next time I model a wheel. :slight_smile: But hey, not bad for my very first wheel…no?