Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


:smiley: the poor dude is losing poly’s


lol looks like a thriller-zombie dance routine in pajamas g I love your library! So cool, can’t wait to see it all come together!


Damn! Haven’t been here for maybe a week and already you have him rigged and ready to go. Great progress! My fav is the animation. It’s too hilarious! :smiley: Go Lanier…go Lanier…it’s your birthday…


lol @ everything above :smiley:

Got a minor texturing update coming below…

Aside from that - keep in mind it’s only 45 days to go, people! And there will be all sorts of christmas crap messing with the schedule soon, so think about subtracting at least 15 days from that…

If you haven’t already got a really solid plan for rendering the final deliverables, it’s definitely time to start making that plan.



Been painting stuff… Aside from the colour map for Lanier’s head, I’ve also started texturing the clothes - nothing close to final there yet though, but the head is looking more or less like I want it.


Haha! I’d love to see him do that dance routine in the final scene - perhaps it could be the musical version of EON? :smiley:

Texturing is coming pretty good too - he remids me a lot of that swedish actor I just don’t seem to be able to find the name for now. Kind of emotional figure, a bit weak but sensitive.
Anyways, good job as usual!


Love the way Lanier does the Potato! Such a stoner! LOL!
I like his pajamas too! No wonder the Boojums hide! I’d SMP!


Texturing is coming along nicely. Keep it up.


are you going to use a skin shader for that?


cooooome on…time for an update dude


great work james… I like it very much… the textures look very nice…


I could swear he is …creepy smiling…nice…c’mon…update !..the thing i don’t post much doesn’t mean that i am not looking …so…bring us something to look…no…not that …!!!..the update on Eon… :slight_smile:


Guys… easy now… just too friggin busy with a couple of freelancing projects, no time to work on this here challenge thingy right now.

Fear not though, I’ll probably manage to assemble everything just in time for the deadline… -ish. Most of the lengthy render passes were completed a few weeks ago, so I’m just waiting for a chance to do the final animations and composite the whole darn thing.

And @ Chandro - yeah, there will be a proper skin shader involved. I was just testing the colour map itself there. For the finals I’ll do a layered approach with a separate SSS pass and so on, then pull it together in post for optimal tweakability.

Aaaand, for the time being: Merry Christmas everybody, and… er… stuff!


AKA slacking, pull finger or I’ll spam your inbox with UB40 songs :twisted:


Hey James

I started this whole Eon thingy mostly cause ur thread was so inspiring … the library is perfect … im kinda waiting for those city renders of alexandria u did if got them render already why hold back ? :rolleyes:



Leotril, glad to hear you found this stuff inspiring, and I’m sorry if it seems like I’ve been holding back, but I really haven’t had time to be as active in this challenge as I usually am. So, there’s no holding back going on at all really, m’fraid…

However, got a few spare days now around christmas, so I promise to pull some stuff together and post a massive update here very soon - deal?

And pig, if there’s even a single note of any sort of UB40 song at all coming from your direction, you’ll be a very sorry pig faster than you you can say ‘eep!’


red red wiiiiin…ee…p


Maybe Kingston Town by UB40 (or the Paris Hilton cover version - retitled Stars are Blind) would speed up the process a bit?


Well, here are the hands sporting a new colour map.


…and here’s Lanier in his animation suit. Basic joint setup, some IK controlers and a very simple set of bodypart proxies to provide some collision for the jacket and pants mesh.