Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


hehe now just give him glasses and a cigarette and you have …

edit…and a bit more meat :smiley:


I heard that …u little bastard…:smiley:

@ James…nice work…and i like the progress wips too on head…:bounce:


who’s little ?


the library is gorgeous … :cry: :cry:

Lanier is great too , thx for sharing the gif , it’s great to see you how you build the mesh !

Can’t wait for more …

cheers ,



Just making a body for the old Lanier dude here.

Boots and hands to be added soonish, then onwards to rigging…


Hola! Thanks for stopping by and so forth…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here’s a GIF animation depicting the steps involved (so far) in building the body (roughly 700 kb):


Great to see that Lanier finally has a body. :smiley:

Interesting animated gifs. Should be helpful to some.

Keep on rockin’! :buttrock:


The animations are really inspiring. Thought to try this kind of body modelling apporach aswell :thumbsup:
Character reminds me a bit Hannibal Lecter :buttrock:


This project is incredible bro! I’m almost speechless!

Nice preplanning with the camera shot, the follow through is really looking great!

I’m interested to see how you’re going to balance the characters into this incredible scene you’ve created, but I’m sure you’ll pull it off… :thumbsup:

that little script for the books on the shelves… ingenius! …but I don’t remember seeing any left over sadwiches in those close up shots :smiley: I think you’re lying!

[font=Verdana]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully as soon as I come up with some of my own work you’ll have a look and let me know what you think. Peace Peace, and I can’t wait to see more![/font]


Made the boots for Lanier (and Patricia will eventually end up wearing the same of course).

Since the weather around here is starting to get really cold, I had to dive into my closet the other day to find my old winter boots, I decided to simply snap some photos of them to use for modeling reference and textures - so this is basically a fairly accurate representation of my own boots… I did not include the small bits of dry dog poo I found under the soles of the originals though…


Well, it’s hands. Three copies of my left hand to be precise.


Although I could go on tweaking this guy forever, it has to end sooner or later.

So, for the time being, this is the finished Lanier. I have to move on to rigging, setting up a few morphs if needed, followed by unwrapping and texturing (and possibly hair).

I’ll build Patricia later on by simply tweaking the crap out of Lanier…


simply great james ! i love the shoes and the global shape is very clean ! :thumbsup:


Finally! It’s about time we got to see some funky boots up here :thumbsup:
All really nice modeling and thanks for the gifs - it’s really helpful to see how you bring it to live.
You’re doing a great job here - men jag hade inte väntat nåt annat heller :slight_smile:


Just lurking and smiling…

Love the topology on his clothes and hands mate and your concepts look huge… Will be most interested to see how far you can take this…

Good luck good sir;)


sounds rather painful, hope she gets smaller feet though :smiley:


Nope, she’ll be a hobbit too



Just stopping by to say that Lanier has now been fully rigged and unwrapped. Messed around for several days with standard joints and skin deformers, but nothing of it looked even remotely right, so I had to change the approach slightly.

Ended up building a simple mesh of body part proxies inside his clothes, then rigged those bits instead and set up IK and controllers. The pants and jacket are subsequently handled as cloth simulations after I’ve keyframed the proxy setup. After a few tests and tweaks it finally looked like I wanted it too.

He’s currently only wearing his reference texture, and I’ve not finished the facial rig yet, so there’s still quite a lot of work left to do here.

This morning, Lanier had to be humiliated (for purely scientific testing purposes of course :smiley: ) in this audition clip below:

>>> http://www.kaufeldt3d.com/img/lanier_audition.mov <<<

Rather silly overkill in fact, since all he’ll ever need to do in the final shot is to simply walk past the camera, and that’s it, but I figured that if he can handle an epileptic seizure /slash/ lobotomized zombie dance act, he will certainly be able to walk properly later on.

Again, my apologies for being generally absent - lots of non-challenge work has been building up, and I don’t have much time for browsing and posting stuff :blush:



It’s Justin Timberlake!


good work with Lanier. He is pretty bundled up. I guess that makes sense since there is no sunlight in the stone. Love the boots, cant wait to see more.