Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


I was starting to get slightly bored with setting up the interior bits, so I took a break from that and rendered the first of the four shots I want to put into the animation sequence. Picked out four frames from the result to post here…

This was just a basic camera run through the aisle leading into the silo, so setting it up and tweaking it around a bit served well as a boredom antidote :slight_smile:

The full shot is just a little more than 3 seconds at 25 fps, and we’re basically moving through the aisle at a fairly high speed until it opens up into the silo itself.


Holy XXXX!
It looks amazing (alltough i guess that all posts are getting quite boring- just repeating how amazing it looks - but it does, too :wink: )

One thing bothers me - usually i’ll stand the high places, but looking up to the “shaft” , i feel dizzy already. I wonder who actually IS able to go/climb up and pick a book without fainting and falling down? :slight_smile:


I continue to have much pleasure to follow your art and especially your skills… you manage here a very professional project… congrats :thumbsup:

I’m impress… but I already knew how good you are :applause: good continuation James…


hugeness, awesomeness, nutsness, wabbitness. fantastic shots, looks like paintings of light.
bad ass stuff mate, love the preview. keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock::arteest:


OMG …that’s actually good :eek:

:smiley: .


nothing more to say then :applause:…


Very nice ligtning and texturing and very nice everyting you put in tat scene. I can’t wait to see the final animation.


YUP…and it has motion blur on speed run too…:scream:

No…seriously …that looks very cool…very good light too there…



is just an easy way to cover up the cappy bits :wise:

:smiley: .


Cheers guys and… um… guyettes. So, I’m totally lacking in the interactivity department in this challenge, am I not? Anyway, I hope to find some time to peek around in a few threads today or tomorrow to see what you’re all up to :blush:

Some Q & A:

Gunilla - Indeed, there’s no even remotely wacky detail yet! I have a feeling I might add some silly stuff to the animation, but I don’t think the scene in itself will have any outbursts of weirdness - I’m surprisingly enough in a 100% serious mode here…

taavi - Luckily enough, there’s a transportation system installed that actually finds and moves any shelf you want down to the floor, so there’s no need to be climbing around up there other than for the odd repair mission.

Dimi and Pig - Shuddup

Ye Olde other visitors - Thanks for stopping by, guys - Laurent, your avatar needs a shave!

I’m currently waiting for a backdrop render that’s supposed to go with shot 3 in the animation, and it’s about 12 hours left right now (155 frames), so rather than just hanging around idly I thought I’d catch up a bit with the modeling milestones which have been a bit lacking. Thus, for the sake of general completeness, there’s a very boring update coming up below in a couple of minutes… You have been warned.


This is most of the geometry that’s been used so far. Just think along the lines of lots and lots of instances and you’ll get the general idea.


Gunilla - Indeed, there’s no even remotely wacky detail yet! I have a feeling I might add some silly stuff to the animation, but I don’t think the scene in itself will have any outbursts of weirdness - I’m surprisingly enough in a 100% serious mode here…

Yikes! I decided no wacky stuff for my trailer entry this time too! I was counting on relying on yours for laughs. I’m still gonna try not to break. I still laugh at that library silo - I imagine
Bugs Bunny at the bottom of his rabbit hole looking up at Elmer Fudd with his shotgun shooting thru the soccer ball! Anyway, we’ll see who breaks first. But I do like your seriously cool library and bet the animation will be likewise.

“Come out wabbit!”


Very nice work james… and thanks for the tips… your previous challenge’s compositing tips helped me out a lot in something i was making…:thumbsup:


Maybe just a half-eaten sandwich stuck in one of the shelves…? :slight_smile:
OK - I’ll give it a rest now - you’re allowed to be 100% serious (just don’t let it become a habit) :smiley:

Oh, and your modeling and organisation of the whole thing is very clever, right from the start. This will be splendid.


userBrian - OMG! If you don’t make any wacky stuff either, I fear the very fabric of time and space might be in serious peril!

icedeyes - That’s nice to hear, and I hope to add some more useful info sooner or later… lots of compositing this time around as well, but I don’t now if it will be complex or just plain basic stuff

Gunilla - Theoretically, there could be thousands of sandwiches hidden in there already, and you’ll never find out :smiley:

Minor update below in 3… 2… 1…



Still waiting for renders to finish - hence more time to model stuff!

Started on Lanier here. Some minor flaws in the edgeflow at this point, nasty 6-pole and a pentagon… to be cleaned out very soon… 'til later.


Hehe, I like the first stage of the Lanier modeling. I hope he ends up looking less goofy in the end. Might end up being confused for a loon with those wacky eyes. :smiley:

I also like the simple yet effective models you are using for your scene. The scene looks so much more complicated.

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Just moving on here. Head geometry almost done aside from inevitable minor tweaks. Will get busy building the rest of him soon.


…aaaaand to provide su’hm addischnul edschumacation - below here’s an animated gif showing how to build your own Lanier in just 36 simple steps!

: (approx. 800 kb, might lag a bit on slow lines)



Hi James, this one look very clean, you do a very great modeling start ! even if I knew already that ! and this little Gif is always interesting to see how good modeler like you works on.