Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


Man, you are crazy… looks cool, great job !!!
Don’t forget about time, some models can take too much time if you do them in details, i just hope you’ll be able to do everything in time.

Keep on working and good luck.


Started out by photographing a lot of book spines from my personal collection (and Eon is there somewhere - good luck finding it

I won!! :grin:

BTW good work.


that is just so cool and clever James! great seeing the closeup. respect!


[b][i]it is going well. good luck in eon.:slight_smile:



Damn, man - that’s really impressive! I couldn’t even find it myself until you posted that :smiley: Anyway, the first prize is a stuffed squirrel with some exquisite leaf gold decorations - I’ll send it over to you as soon as I find my local post office.

That aside, sort of an update coming up below in a couple of minutes.


Getting the light right has been somewhat frustrating, but a nice way to pass the time when being really tired of duplicating bookshelves…

Anyway, I’ve settled for a sort of greenish ambient light filtering into the silo, and then lots of local point lights with very narrow falloff scattered around the place.

To make the animation pop properly, I’ve decided to place small lights on the horizontal bookshelf conveyors - the small things with a yellow casing running along the rails inbetween every second level of shelves - so, when they zoom around there to retrieve shelves to pass on to the vertical conveyor, they’ll sort of illuminate various areas as they pass by, sort of like the head and tail lights of a car driving around at night.

On a general note, progress is slow but quite steady… so far.


James this new render shot is really wonderful. I like the touch of light and accent. See if you can take some detail from the book on the devices that were used to probe information, like that could be up close in the foreground.

Anyways excellent progress!:thumbsup:


I really like the lighting you have there. It’s coming together real nicely.

Looking forward to more.


Well - that has to be the best library lighting I’ve seen today. Very moody.

  • and if you add some motion trails for the colored ones it will look like being in a wasps nest (see? you did some insect thinking after all) :scream:


Well, all shelf wall segments are in place now, all the way up to the cupola of the silo.

Still a lot of actual shelves missing, but it’s a simple yet tedious task.

Lighting coming in from the silo ceiling is in an embryonic state at this point, but as far as I’ve figured out at this point it seems to work fine with a number of omni lights along the Y axis in the very center of the silo, dropping off in terms of intensity and falloff according to their distance from the top - it appears to give this sort of gradient transition I’m looking for.

Overall lighting levels need to be bumped up a bit though, while retaining the general mood. So, in essence, it needs to be a bit brighter without actually being brightened…

Anyway, I hope to be done with the silo part soon, since I need to get moving on the arched glass hall thingy and of course build Patricia and Lanier ASAP.


very nice sense of scale there this time round wabbit :thumbsup:


Wouldn’t make a bad 6th chamber either.


wow, the second angle looks amazing James-I really love the lighting.


waaaaa that starts to look amaaazing! love that last shoot… it’s feels like I’m standing there for real, like a little shit.

btw, that football makes it feel very…“sporty” :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that ‘football’ was mentioned, I can see it very clearly - and it has to be changed… Damn those hexagons!

Anyways, doing some further tests, and the scene is getting heavier by the minute, currently counting over 16000 objects.

I have randomly removed a bunch of bookshelves to get rid of any excessive regularity (too much bran flakes) and I’m slowly moving away from the silo into the glass archway. The current plan is to start making preview shots for the animation very soon, and I’ll probably render the final sequences separately and then composite the characters in later on, because the scene as a whole is starting to become very sluggish and painful to work with, so I really want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

No updates planned for today though.


wow, this looks good
I really like that last shot
that 's a giant library you got there
keep up the good work


i’m really curious to see you final 4-8second shot ! in my opinion, it will rocks ! such a feeling of vastness !

currently counting over 16000 objects.
damn ! lol
i count more of 3 380 000 polys in my scene :smiley:


It must be interesting shot i think.
Good job, im looking for your porgress.

Good luck.


A final silo test render before I move on to the other parts.

I don’t have a 100% clear idea about what to do with the glass sections yet, so I’ll do the aisles leading into the silo first, because I know exactly how I want those to look. They too will be stacked with books of course…

After the aisles, that shouldn’t take too much time to put together since I don’t have to build any major new assets, I’ll finish the archway and make a cityscape to be seen through the glass. The cityscape in question will probably be a simple camera mapped 3D matte since it’s just a backdrop that’s mainly there to be an environmental hint and provide some added parallax in shot 3 listed below.

As far as animation goes, the current plan is a short sequence made up of four different shots:

  1. Camera truck, 2 - 3 seconds, through one of the aisles leading into the main silo. This should work as a nice reveal shot as we go from the cramped dark aisle into the wide and relatively open space that is the silo.

  2. Camera on silo floor tracking a bookshelf being moved by a horizontal conveyor to a vertical lift taking it all the way to the top. 4 - 6 seconds.

  3. Camera on floor trucking sideways into the glass archway, Lanier briefly walks by, Patricia is seen sitting at a table reading the history book. 3 - 4 seconds. This is the original shot I described in the very first concept sketch I uploaded when the challenge started.

  4. Close-up on history book. 1 - 2 seconds.

All in all something like 10 - 15 seconds. The plan might have to be adjusted once I’ve done the preview renders, depending on the outcome of those.


Ahhh, Ohhh, Ahhh … and so further.
Looks really impressive now and the planned sequence sounds good. I can already hear the sound effects of the swooshing shelves. But what I do miss is some wacky detail… something that is usually found in your pieces, to make it truly Jamesiesque - maybe coming later?