Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


really nice concept james but i am missing a sense of scale with it maybe

keep going !


G’d’evenin peeps

Quickie answers:

Gunilla - The script picks a random material from a list of preloaded materials and applies it to the currently processed book, so it doesn’t actually generate any on its own. But it means I can set up a bunch of textures first, then run the script and have each book randomly textured… if that makes it any clearer (it frankly made me more confused)

Pig - Right. I’ll throw some maggots in there later on then :rolleyes:

bearfoot - Agreed. There are no solid depth or scale cues right now, but I’m confident that the size will be more readable once those bits are taken care of

No pending updates right now - laters!



worms not maggots James, you can have breakfast later :wink:


Yep - much clearer thanks! I did a library scene once and I wished to have something like this then. The repeatedness was hard to overcome.

What’s this about worms then? Isn’t it supposed to be book-moths?


I think I have to found my bravery and start to study xpresso, coffe, part etc… I find my self lost seeing what you did here for the books… Thanks to share this, excellent results !



nope only worms here… and the odd mashed mosquito


So I’ve started preparing to build the final geometry for parts of the book silo.

Based on the stuff thrown in during previsualisation, I’m currently making some wall segments for the silo in question, and since I also want a fully operational transport system for it (to move bookshelves around, and to show that in action in the animated submission) things have quickly become somewhat complicated. As always, I’m just happy about the fact that I don’t have to do any actual cutting of stone or metal pipes, or welding… or wiring…

But anyway, the starting point is hopefully illustrated in a clear manner with this image.

The basic workflow so far is mostly about modifying rectangular splines and sweping those along spline arcs with properly calculated radii and start/end angles. The resulting chunks can then easily be instanced around a central point to form full rings around the inner silo walls - and since these segments are fully parametric, I obviously get good UVs for free and it’s quite easy to change the profile in various ways if needed.

Anyways - In terms of crawly things, I’ll make maggots or nothing at all, dammit.



I like the way you work in details, thats what makes it more convincing. You scene is going in the right direction. Also you are planning to show the transport system in action, that will be cool.:thumbsup:


EEeep! Been horribly busy with a lot of entirely unrelated crap, but finally got some time to continue on the accumulation of filled bookshelves.

Started out by photographing a lot of book spines from my personal collection (and Eon is there somewhere - good luck finding it :slight_smile: and I added some more I found Googling. About 100 textures where then randomly applied to a total of 40 different shelf sets generated by the script I posted earlier. Each such set represents displacement and colour for a single filled shelf containing around 300 books (average). These set textures have quite a high resolution to allow for fairly close-up shots.

In addition to the maps mentioned above, I’ve also baked a few occlusion maps which are used on the shelves themselves (hey, that rhymes) and on the supporting wall segments.

The render here (click image for full-res) shows approximately 1/4th of the smallest silo wall (less than 90 degrees of the full circumference), so there’s quite a lot of work left to do filling everything up.

As far as the lighting goes, this does not represent anything close to what I would call ‘final’, but is rather to be considered as a quick sketch for the intended mood.


Hi !!!

wow… i was just passing by … that looks really nice !

hope some day ill do anything so grand at this… check my stuff at the mini challenges k lightning challenges with jeremy birn/…

im new at 3d in general been playing with maya and renderman since july 06

lLater Man
Good Luck


holy, hope those book are well indexed, hell if you gotta search one that is out of place, this simply is huge :eek:
awesome work mate, this simply rocks! keep it up! :beer::buttrock::wip:


great work dude looks awesome. lighting eventhough not final but I guess you are almost there:thumbsup:


Congrats on such a nice concept and for getting it fleshed out so quickly. Looks great…really shows the massive scale.


that script business is crazy! I don’t see myself ever learning that… I guess it’s needed sometimes though. I think the library render looks incredible! Especially the lighting.


Oj!! Very impressive and totally crazy of course :slight_smile:
Could you show us a close up on one of the shelves?


wow, impressive work! the script you used shows good results. I’m waiting for new updates now!:bounce:


Hey James,

I really like your well elaborated concept and the previews of your futuristic architecture, very nice style with a good feeling for the scale:thumbsup: . And I’m impressed to see how tricky you fill your bookshelfs:D …

Looking out for more now!




Good morning, folks

(Q & ) A:

Gunilla - One close-up ordered:

Now do you want fries with that? :smiley:

Anyway, looks like I’ll be able to get some more work done today too - updates might appear tonight or tomorrow. Laters!


Thanks! And the impressiveness just multiplied - looks fantastic!

Now do you want fries with that? :smiley:

I settle for some moths, thank you :slight_smile:


with or without ketchup ?