Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


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@ Anders - Yep, I wouldn’t worry too much about the same location popping up from different participants… It’s quite inevitable considering the nature of this challenge anyways - just good luck to you!

@ BrokenCompass - Hey, it’s not complex - “intriguing” is the word you’re looking for, see :thumbsup:

That aside, a preliminary schematic coming up below in a minute or two:


First doodle, a bit premature, but more stuff will follow later on.

LOCATION: the “old” library in the city of Alexandria, second chamber (IIRC). I’m going to allow myself some minor artistic liberties and combine two slightly different architectures here:

  • to the left is the older part of the library (referred to in the novel as “a museum”) with lots of books, several storeys stacked on top of each other… currently looking at some aztec/mayan designs for walls, pillars and floor tiles.

  • to the right, the slightly newer part with a different interior style, still a lot of books and so forth, but also some sort of computer terminals. Very wide and open, ceiling way up, big panorama windows showing the city outside.

ANIMATION: camera moving along the marked path, gradually revealing the newer parts and Patricia studying a book, in the distance, and Lanier walking past the camera in the opposite direction. Nothing dramatic - a typical establishing shot.


mixing style would be surely efficient with a good modeling, and I don’t worry about this :slight_smile:
Your idea is great and worked, so…
Good luck to you James :thumbsup:


Beautiful sketch James! The scope of the scene is well thought out. This looks to be a great work in process!


Just popping in to wish you luck. Idea looks interesting so far.


Hello James, great to see youre back , my best wishes Sir :slight_smile:


this is going to be great! missed you in the last one James…glad you’re back!


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cool down with your masterpiece, it’s first day:bounce:
best wishes and good luck!


its a bit premature, yes. but despite of its rough sketch, sort of a blue print to me, i think u have plan it quite seriously…hmmm…i cant wait to see more. :thumbsup:


I like the concept sketch Jales ! Good luck :bounce:


are you doing an animation or 3d scene?


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Greetings, recent visitors… Nice to see lots of familiar faces from days gone by :smiley:

Anyways, bumped into some domestic issues, so it looks like it will be a few days before I can continue working on this - no problems though.

(Q and) A:

@ Jonesisme - Well, a 3D scene, but since we’re required to submit a short animation of it as well, it’s definitely a good idea to keep that in mind from day one. It’s not something that one should hack together later in an afterthought kind of way - that’s asking for trouble. So I’m planning everything as if it was intended for full animation. Personally I think this is by far the best addition to the general CGChallenge rules they’ve come up with this time around. The very purpose of the 3D medium is animation IMHO, and it used to be a pain trying to settle for that one single angle for a still image in previous challenges - but now we finally have the opportunity to show off various shots and really demonstrate the full scope of the stuff we build. It’s just great.

Updates postponed until something like the middle of next week.


I completely coincide I love the scene idea! -and I hate the book idea-

Good Luck mate! your work is always excelent!


glad to have found you too :slight_smile: subscribes best of luck mate and have tonsa fun, looking forward to sum kick ass art. hehe, rock em all ol friend :):beer::buttrock:


If they make the movie in the end,I think you will be hired for drawing building schematics.
This looks so pro man…
I like the blue color used for the backdrop.Have you noticed,lot of people using blue,me to,so peculiar :slight_smile:

Anyway,wanna say hi to old challenge mate…

seeya James.


Hey you! Slow down will ya! You guessed the topic, so you had a head start, heh? :smiley:
Nice sketch. Expect something cool from you…


Best luck James ! Glad to see you already know the book - i’m eager to see new fantastic works…