Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


Excellent achievement. It is quite elementary that the half eaten sandwich is under Patricia’s left hand as she reads the book. Or what is that? Very magical feeling, fitting for a place of wonder.


Good Work…james


Good luck on final moments:) You didn;t tak epart in those rush hours at the end, you have to try it next time, 2 heart attacks per hour :slight_smile: And maby I will try to finish earlier :slight_smile:


OZ - Greetings, well, you’ve done some kick-ass stuff in your trailer too

flyingP - Hm… I honestly thought it was a toilet - my apologies for any inconvenience

sergioKomic - No no no, just keep a safe distance from Dimitris, he is very dangerous

zer05um - Glad you like it

taavi - No problem, happy to help. You’ll find my finals a few pages back here… somewhere… I stuck to the original deadline, so you’ll have to check the back-issues so to speak

userBrian - I have no idea! Someone else must have put it there.

Tolgahan - Thanks, dude

arturro - Good luck to you too - and, naaah, I think I’ll pass. Much more comfortable to be ahead of schedule… stress isn’t good for you, you know.

Anyways, let the waiting game commence! 'twas a fun challenge, although I wish I had had more time to spend on it.

Congrats to all who managed to get their stuff together and submitted before the fat lady started singing! - I’m absolutely positively sure you’ve all done a great job and everything (this is my lazy way of providing a blanket “good job!” to everyone at once, thus saving me the trouble of checking around for threads I might have missed :smiley: )

'til later, folks!



kick ass final mate, congrats on this! best of luck on the final judgements and i am happy to do right now another run with you side by side for cgtalks honor ^^ lets rock it!


whoa bunny, look what u done dude



don’t worry Squib, a bit of disinfectant and some hard scrubbing should clean that up :smiley:


very nice vdo eon…cool’:eek:




Congrats James … ur work was very inspirational to me and im glad u won :applause:


Big congratulations James , magnificient image once again ! totally well deserved !

cheers ,



Squibbers - Yeah… I’ll take care of that later - small accident

El Piggo - Send some of that stuff over here, will ya

tororiental - Glad you likey

Gunilla - lol - that’s the classic Gert Fylking, isn’t it? :smiley:

Leotril - now see, that’s very nice to hear

Zapan - thanks mate

Well, jeepers! I won’t be needing any coffee after just having awaken to news like this, I’ll tell you that :smiley:



You was my favorite… and I’m not disapointed by the result… just logical for me…

Thanks for the perfect work very well inspired… congratulation mate…

…I couldn’t imagine your next participation, helped with the BOXX :scream: :thumbsup:

BRAVO :bowdown:



yeeehhhhaaaaa James !! you’re mister Sweden …
what ? that isn’t right ? :scream: ouuupss.

Congrats mate !
boxx powaa dude, it will help for sure for the next ! really great for you !



Nice to see U at the top of the list James !
Congratulations for this ! A great job as usual, finally the world see and reconize your art !
Cheers mate !

Don’t think it was an accident… You made it deliberately !


Congratulations. :applause:


Many Congratulations, James :scream:

All your creativity, hard work and humour has payed off with dividends - VERY well done!!!



Nahhh…u must threatened the judges with that Squirrel Squadron hidden under your bed…:scream:

GONGRATS U NUT FLUFFY WABBIT…:bounce:…U can’t imagine how happy i am for u …

…should i call u MASTER now ? :slight_smile: …U are buying all the drinks when i come with Brian to your place,heheheheh…oh the drink and the beer …will flow… :scream::scream:


BRAVO!! congratulations, enjoy!!:thumbsup:


sure, you want the lemon fresh variety or the NUKEMBUGS summer blossom ?

oh and be careful when you pick up the phone :wink: one victim has already been claimed by a certain Greek today :scream: